Facebook Lead Ads Get More Features & Come To Desktop

  • Lead ads come to desktop and get features to give users more information — and enticement — to submit leads from the ads.


    Facebook lead ads launched in October to make it easy for users easily fill out lead forms with their Facebook account information with a couple of taps on their smartphones. Now, Facebook is making the format available on desktop, as well.

    The company has also launched two new features designed to give users more information about a business before asking them to submit their information. The carousel ad format lets advertisers show up to five images and headlines in an ad.

    Similarly, the new context card shows as an intermediary page after the ad to tell users more about a service or offer before they move on to the lead submission form. An example of a context card from TheSkimm is below.

    facebook lead ad context card

    The new features are now available through Power Editor.

    (Some images used under license from Shutterstock.com.)


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