Unpopular Opinion: Not Everyone Should Become a Full-time Business Owner

Unpopular opinion… Not everyone should become a full-time business owner or entrepreneur

Now before you get it twisted, I’m not saying this because I don’t think everyone is cut out for it. Not at all! I’m saying there’s a lot more that should go into that decision than just hating your 9 to 5.

I’m a business owner and 100% support others doing the same to chase their dreams! Here’s the thing though. Being an entrepreneur has been hyper glamorized in the media and by business/life coaches when in fact it’s not always the best fit for everyone.

Unpopular Opinion: Not Everyone Should Become a Full-time Business Owner

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You’re sold on the idea of finally having freedom from your corporate job, having unlimited earning potential, being your own boss, working whatever hours you want, and making money while you’re sleeping. You’ve seen the pitches! The part you’re not always seeing though is there’s a tradeoff.

As an entrepreneur, some days you’ll be working 9 to 9 (and weekends), have inconsistent paychecks, and it can add more hoops to jump through to secure financing for big purchases like a house or car. When you say goodbye to that corporate job you’ll also likely be saying goodbye to those corporate health benefits, matching 401k contributions and PTO.

Again, this isn’t to complain about being an entrepreneur…. it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and there are certainly solutions for some of the tradeoffs. Instead, this is more of a reality check. A reality check that it is NOT the right decision for everyone and that is okay! We ALL have different visions for our lives and that should ultimately be the deciding factor for the path you decide to take.

For some that may mean never starting a business! A totally okay way to live your best life.

For some that may mean you start a side-hustle that stays a side-hustle. A totally okay way to live your best life.

For some

that may mean starting a side-hustle with the hopes of making it your full-time hustle. A totally okay way to live your best life.

And for some that may mean quitting their job and jumping head-first into being a full-time entrepreneur from day one. Also, a totally okay way to live your best life.

The point is, there isn’t one way to live your “dream life” and have your “dream career”. As a business owner this messaging is probably more amplified in the circles I’m a part of on social media. I just hate that it can make people feel like they are less than. Like they need to be doing more in their careers, their lives, or in their businesses to meet the marketing pitches being thrown at them.

So in closing, here is my advice to you… Stay true to your journey, your goals, and make decisions because YOU want to make them and not just because someone else says it’s what you should want.

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