Top 8 Curated Ideas to Build Organic Links (Infographic)

October 14, 2015

In the course of things, online users naturally link to resources they find online that they deemed relevant, worthy and valuable for whatever purposes they have originally intended. This natural build-up of organic links is a trustworthy method that Google is placing much importance to as a primary ranking factor, particularly with the recent Penguin updates that addresses low quality links, and the Panda updates that aim to crack down on spammy contents.

So, even if you spend $ 10,000 or even up to $ 50,000 a month on link building (just like what 37% of business owners do according to Moz), you’ll end up with a site hugging the ranking cellars if you don’t generate organic links that Google trusts.

No worries as Digital Marketing Philippines is proud to bring to you these innovative organic link building ideas curated from some of the best minds in the SEO industry.

So, read on… learn… and apply!

1. Earn “Hard Links” and not “Easy Links”

“The higher the frustration factor, the harder it is to earn a link, the more likely that link is one that will help you with Google.”

                                                                                                               — Danny Sullivan

2. Link Building Transition to Link Earning

“Link earning is higher on the evolution ladder than link building, because you actually have to prove to be more resourceful and offer helpful information to the searcher.”

                                                                                                               – Razvan Gavrilas

3. Link Building with Epic Content

“Try throwing in a new type of content. I predict that you’ll immediately see a difference — fresh traffic, targeted visitors, higher conversion rates, and better SEO.”                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                   — Neil Patel

4. Leverage on Social Media for Link Building

“Make social media your new best friend and you’ll find it a powerful tool in getting your content noticed.”

                                                                                                               — Christian Arno

5. Unnatural Natural Links

“At the end of the day, building the right kind of links is simply about speeding up that which could happen naturally if all content was known to all people.”

                                                                                                               — Eric Ward

Want more? Check the infographic below:


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