Top 3 Online Video Advertising Trends to Shape 2021

Top 3 Online Video Advertising Trends to Shape 20212021 is already here, and yes, making predictions for the year should have been a little simpler task now. However, given the turbulence of the current times, many industry trends are being transformed almost in real time.

Let’s take a look at a few solid trends that are likely to shape out 2021 in online video advertising.

Video to Remain at the Top

If one thing remains constant in 2021, it’s the fact that digital video advertising is in bloom. The niche has been increasingly growing over the past years, and will, quite predictably, continue its sharp ascent this year, too.

In fact, the analysts predict 5%+ YoY video ad spending growth in 2021, in spite of the global economic recession expectations.

Video Ad Measurement to Take Another Leap Forward

We were hoping for it, and it has arrived. Right on the very New Year’s Eve (on December 17, 2020, to be more specific), IAB Tech Lab finally released the iteration of its Open Measurement SDK for Web Video, which is foreseen to become the new standard for video ad measurement in the HTML5 environment on desktop and mobile web.

Not only is it yet another step towards the deprecation of VPAID, but also provides publishers with more control over their websites, enabling them to assign granular access to their web properties to various third-party verification providers.

Even though none of the announced webinars for publishers and integration partners has been held yet, the market-wide adoption of the brand-new initiative is highly encouraged by members of the OM Working Group by July 2021.

Programmatic CTV to Steal the Limelight

While 2020 results may have looked a bit discouraging for some digital ad market players, the CTV niche has been growing sharply non-stop over the past months. According to AdPlayer.Pro predictions, for example, this trend will continue to dominate in 2021, especially as far as the programmatic CTV segment is concerned.

In addition to the joint industry efforts, regarding programmatic CTV infrastructure development, a lot of expectations are being put on the forecasted release of Open Measurement SDK for CTV platforms by IAB Tech Lab in 2021. The initiative has been a long-awaited one for quite some time, and became even more urgent in 2020, when the volume of video ad fraud in the CTV segment reached record heights (+161% YoY growth since 2019, per DoubleVerify).

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