Sales Process – Latest 3 Phenomenal Ways to Create a Sales Process

If you are a sales manager, you can’t just simply tell your sales team “go on and secure sales as much as you can”. These people will need your guidance and they will need something that they can follow to make the process of selling well-guided and organized. This is the reason why you need to create a sales process for them. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Assess your sales team. You will need to do this to make sure that you have enough competent people in your group. Make sure that they are all team players, personable, and easy to work with. They must have in-depth knowledge about your products, business, and chosen industry. If needed, hire more sales people to make your group stronger and more efficient. Also, consider conducting trainings that can improve the knowledge of your sales team about your products and about sales processes.

2. Create the sales process. Create a sales process that your sales team can follow. This must contain clearly step-by-step guides that are easy to understand. This must also include an option depending on how the customer will react to the initial offer. Here’s a sample of sales process for a company that receives phone-in orders:

— Sales representative great the customer, thank him for calling, introduce the company, and offer help (Good morning, thank you for calling xxx company. This is Andrea, how can I help you today?)

— If the customer is calling to place an order proceed by asking his information (name, address, phone number, email address, payment method). If the customer is asking for more information about the product, offer the most appropriate answer to his question and proceed to secure a sale (would you want to place an order with me now?)

— Handling objections. If the client raised an objection, representatives must have canned rebuttals that will allow them to highlight the benefits and features of the products to make them more enticing to the eyes of their customers.

— End the call by telling the client when he will receive the order, what number to call for follow-up and other concerns. Thank the client for calling and ask for repeat business.

3. The last thing that you need to do is to make sure that all the steps included in the sales process are being followed. You can monitor your representatives when they are in action and you can call their attention if they miss any of the steps.