Top 10 Online Invoicing Services in 2017

— January 26, 2017


The most important aspect of managing a business is handling your revenue and expenses with prudence. Modern technology has expedited the process of “keeping the books.” There aren’t any books anymore, but new software platforms for invoices have increased efficiency for businesses tremendously.

The key to handling money in today’s business world is not whether to use paper or tech, but what software to choose from. Here is a list to help businesses filter out the most effective invoice and accounting softwares in the market:

1. Sighted

Sighted specializes in offering entrepreneurs and freelancers an expedient and easily navigable platform for pricing and payment processing. Its easy pay function flawlessly integrates multiple payment functions, so there is a seamless transition over different payment mediums.

All the things invoice is executing correctly is related to how simplistic and approachable the software is. Simplicity is the key for an era in which there is infinite software with unlimited users that have little knowledge or tolerance for complication.

2. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a rejuvenated approach for accounting software from its maximizing the cloud for business transaction. Its blog generates immense amounts of content to keep its consumer base in touch with other users.

Freshbooks’ time tracking feature enables companies to monitor their efficiency and formats performance analysis for daily operation. It empowers the user so that they can capitalize on under-utilized potential.

3. InvoiceBerry

InvoiceBerry, much like its counterparts on the list, has mastered the art of simplicity. Not only does this invoice service offer up to 15 different templates, but it allows users to customize their own template for optimum organization.

The freelancer-friendly platform has forever free plan for up to 3 clients, and then users can upgrade to 25 clients for only $ 15 a month.

4. Zoho

Zoho, the California based technology company, has an invoicing division that can rival many up-and-coming invoicing software with its expedient payment methods and easy to operate invoice templates.

It enables businesses to adjust their payment methods based on however many clients they anticipate to service.

5. Wave

Wave has one of the most professional platforms for entrepreneurs to engage, and their software is free. Now when I say free, there are small transaction fees or 2.9%, but the software and invoicing templates are free of charge.

Wave’s accounting software and payroll management are tough to beat with their efficient portrayal of performance and organization of individuals within a company. It’s ability to implement free software with an incredibly professional layout spells a dangerous combo for this software.

6. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a domestic name in the US, and there is a reason for it. It did not just happen to get to the top of their industry, but they were one of the first companies to offer a simplistic layout that was still extremely efficient and effective.

Quickbooks did not just become the standard software for accounting firms across the nation by luck, but their software has the most credibility of any invoicing/accounting platform to ever been executed. Quickbooks has also managed to evolve into 2017’s standards from its 1983 origins on archaic computer systems.

7. Billbooks

Billbooks is one of the most aware software platforms on the market in the accounting sense. It offers a simplistic platform, but has additional features that truly set it apart from the competition.

Quick preview allows users to ensure that they have every last detail set in place before they present their invoice. Favorites is a very useful feature because it enables business owners to prioritize their largest accounts to ensure that they have taken care of all necessary actions needed.

8. Invoicely

Invoicely is yet another example of a company that has mastered the art of efficiency and simplicity. It offers a free option for customers that work solo, and they still have access to the benefits of other users, except for their payments limited to just PayPal.

While it does not allow other team members, Invoicely is completely free for users that are independent. Complete access to top tier features for no cost is highly enticing for anybody looking to minimize costs.

9. PaySimple

PaySimple has unique twist on invoicing and account management: appointment and registration generation from your own personal website or social media accounts. It does not limit itself to simply remaining at an accounting platform, but it has marketing and branding capabilities.

PaySimple’s omni-channel introduces flexible billing and payment solutions for customers so that they can manage independent needs of unique customers.

10. Invoice2Go

Invoice2Go has a self-explanatory layout that is yet another simplistic platform, but Invoice2Go specializes in assisting users on how to stay organized with numerous applications dedicated to scheduling, organizing statements, and card scanning.

Invoice2Go has invoice tracking features that prevent users from misplacing statements or bills. The accounting platform also boasts charts and reports that summarize companies’ performances. Documenting the performance, owners can maintain organization and optimize efficiency.

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