The Value of Using a Managed Email Marketing Service Vs Do-It-Yourself

August 25, 2015

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Like many other things in the digital world, the success of email marketing campaigns often depends on the tools, platforms and resources you use. Most email marketers make use of services like email marketing now, MailChimp and Constant Contact to design and manage their email campaigns, lists and contacts, but there are some who are still plodding on with a more DIY approach.

Here are just 8 of the many reasons why email marketing services could make your life a lot easier, as well as improving the professionalism of your campaigns and helping you track their success:

1. They help to prevent spam blocking. Sending a marketing email to a large number of addresses from a private email address can soon get you flagged as a spammer, meaning your contacts never even see your email and you end up blacklisted with email service providers.

2. They provide you with templates. With a choice of templates to choose from, you can design custom emails incredibly quickly, as well as making the tweaks and changes you need to. Most have a user-friendly interface to allow you to move things around, edit blocks and adjust text all without touching any code. Plus, these templates can help you avoid errors, to ensure your emails display properly and all links work.

3. They help you design professional-looking emails. As we’ve already mentioned, email marketing services provide you with templates, so you can easily create emails and newsletters. These templates also help you to create a professional looking email, with no errors, attractive designs and all the bells and whistles recipients have come to expect.

4. They save you an enormous amount of time. All of the features of email marketing services are designed to save the user time, from actually designing the content to importing contacts and tracking opens and click-throughs.

5. They allow you to manage, segment and target contact lists. Contact lists can soon get out of control on a system that isn’t set up to help you manage them, and segmenting lists can be a time-consuming nightmare. Email marketing services allow you to easily segment lists, update contacts and even send personalised and targeted emails.

6. Tracking and analytics are much easier. Services provide a surprising amount of detail when it comes to tracking opens and clicks, as well as telling you who is ignoring or junking your emails. This information can be hugely useful, helping to inform future campaigns and also to keep your contacts list updated and relevant.

7. They are built for scale. Your mail servers may not be able to cope with sending mass emails, but these services can – in fact, they are specially designed to cope with the scale of mass email marketing campaigns.

8. Built-in opt-out. As well as being easy for marketers to use, these services design emails that are user-friendly for the recipient too, with one of the most welcomed features being a clearly signposted opt-out option in every email.

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