The Top 3 Problems With Customer Service On Social Media [Infographic]

March 2, 2015

When it comes to customer service on social media, there are brands that gThe Top 3 Problems With Customer Service on Social Media - HEADERet it…and those that don’t. The brands that truly excel in social media customer service know that response time is everything. But just how fast is “fast?” And what happens when a customer isn’t satisfied by your response? A new infographic from West Interactive addresses the top three problems with social media customer service. This is a must-read post for any brand on social!

The Facts About Customer Service On Social Media

  • 17% of people expect to be able to use social media for customer service inquiries.
  • Twitter receives 59.3% of social media-based questions and complaints. Facebook receives 40.7%.

Problem 1: Lack Of Response

Now, in 2015, the failure to respond to customers on social is a cardinal sin. Still, 59% of questions and complaints on Twitter went unanswered on average across all industries, reports the infographic.

The Fix: The infographic’s authors suggest looking for questions and complaints by searching for them both with and without the “@” symbol. There is also software brands can use to automatically re-route Twitter messages to your staff for review (if they aren’t dealt within a timeframe you deem appropriate). Solid advice. But I would also add… learn the ins and outs of advanced Twitter search. There’s a great resource by Neil Patel (here) that I’ve recommended in the past.

Problem 2: Speed Of Response

Speed of response is also immensely important for your social media customer service team. According to the infographic…

  • Within an hour of posting a product or service complaint on Twitter, 72% of customers expect a response.
  • 42% expect answers to questions within the hour.

The Fix: The infographic’s authors suggest creating a dedicated customer service handle to improve response time. I’ve shared my tips for improving social response-time on the BuzzPlant blog. Check out that post here.

Problem 3: Poor Response

Thirdly, even a speedy response isn’t worth much if it doesn’t impart actual value. Only 36% of customers report having their problems effectively solved via social media in a timely manner.

The Fix: Dedicate an individual or a team to handle your social media customer service. Oftentimes, the duty of a timely and effective response gets lost in the fray. Assign ownership and set processes in place. According to the infographic, “Though 99% of brands are on Twitter, only 30% dedicate a part of their customer service team to it.”

What Are Your Biggest Challenges In Customer Service On Social Media?

What keeps you from serving your customers just like you would in person or via private communications like phone and email? Let’s talk in the comments below.


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