The Best of Beverage Packaging for Small Businesses

June 27, 2016

beverage packaging for small business

The beverage industry is saturated with emerging companies trying to bring their drinks to retail. Aside from offering high-quality products, having unique packaging is one way to attract consumers and generate buzz about your brand. Small businesses and startups often do not have the luxury of being easily recognizable to consumers. To overcome this challenge, young brands should take advantage of the wide variety of stand-out packaging options that are available today. Packaging that is especially practical, a conversation-starter, or representative of a brand’s mission can help boost sales for beverage SMBs.

Below we’ve analyzed some award-winning packaging designs that are sure to experience great success in the marketplace. Keep these concepts in mind for inspiration when designing the beverage packaging for your small business.

1. Pop-Up Straws

Ball Packaging Europe took the top spot at this year’s prestigious Euro CanTech Awards, which are open to all can manufacturers in Europe. Their unique “Strawster” features a three-piece plastic device centered inside the can. A plastic straw literally “pops” out of the can upon opening it. The user simply tugs on the straw to secure it in place. Benefits of this design include on-the-go convenience, access to the beverage until the last drop, and less chance of spillage due to a smaller opening. Its innovative nature is certainly a conversation starter in the small business retail packaging world.


(Image: Ball Packaging Europe)

2. Pouches

Ampac was the winner of this year’s Consumer Convenience Alufoil Trophy, which is sponsored by the European Aluminum Foil Association. The company won for its EZY Pro 10, a protein drink concentrate. The pouch is lightweight, stands up on its own, and is reclosable. It’s an ideal workout partner, as the user is not bogged down by a heavy bottle. Its only contents are a protein powder; users pour water inside the comfortably large spout to blend the beverage. Not to mention, the slim style of a pouch reduces transportation and storage costs. Aside from performance drinks, beverage companies in any space could use this concept as a packaging idea for their small business.


(Image: EZY Pro 10)

3. Auto-Seal

This year’s AmeriStar Award for Non-Alcoholic Beverages was granted to Torani Smoothie Mix, whose design was developed by Berlin Packaging. The AmeriStar Awards honor packaging professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the packaging community within the last calendar year by recognizing their foresight and innovative spirit. Torani Smoothie Mix is intended for use by bartenders and other commercial users. The bottle re-design enhances the user’s speed in a fast-paced food service setting. It prevents the smoothie mix from chugging out of the bottle rapidly, but rather lets the user dispense a smooth poor effortlessly. It enables a one-handed open/pour motion for maximum efficiency and a self-sealing cap that keeps the product fresh so restaurants and bars can better protect patrons from spoiled or contaminated products. Any beverage company that sells to commercial vendors could consider this option as their small business’ packaging solution.


(Images: Studio 111)

In order to stand out from the competition, the packaging for a small business in the beverage industry has to be one-of-a-kind. Packaging should embody a marriage of brand personality coupled with durability and functionality. The ideas presented above can be used a jumping-off point for young beverage companies as part of their CPG merchandising strategy. For more insight on this topic, download our complimentary Best Practices Guide on Retail Packaging today!

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