The 5 Best Ecommerce Website Builder Software of 2016 – 2017

— December 9, 2016

Launching a full-fledged ecommerce website where people can buy your stuff has become hell lot easier thanks to the availability of numerous ecommerce website builders. Previously, small business owners with tight budget had to look for a web developer from countries like India, Philippines etc to get their ecommerce website up and running without exhausting their small budget. Since small business owners don’t have big budget like other big brands, they simply can’t afford to hire local talents. It is sad but it is the truth and which is why we are seeing the rise of the gig economy and also it is the reason behind the immense popularity of bidding sites like – Freelance, Upwork, Guru etc.

But ecommerce website builders are now changing the rules of the game. They are acting as a disrupter as they are now allowing small business organizations to launch an ecommerce websites with premium features that other big ecommerce sites enjoy without paying top dollars for it.

Factors That Make an Ecommerce Website Builder “The Very Best”

There are hundreds of ecommerce website builders available in the market and this has made it very difficult for a non-tech savvy business owner. So, if you feel clueless and fail to figure out the best ecommerce website builder that will suits you needs and also you small budget, you need to check out these facts before making a decision –

  • The best one will be budget friendly and will not charge you exorbitantly.
  • They make the job of search engine optimisation and online marketing easier and manageable.
  • They offer a full fledged customer support from all directions and at multiple levels.
  • They are interactive in nature, and they also offer a user-friendly atmosphere for powerful shopping experience.

Mentioned below are 5 best ecommerce website builder software of 2016-2017.


It is perhaps the most prolific and the most powerful ecommerce website builder out there. It has a gorgeous and intuitive interface from where you will be able to manage your website. Designing your ecommerce website is fun with its drag and drop tool. You can add, eliminate or modify the look and feel of your ecommerce website even if you don’t have any basic knowledge of HTML or CSS. Is not that amazing?

In-built templates not only save time, but also provide a professional touch to your website. Currently approx 300,000 online stores are being run on Shopify due to its reliability, security other additional features.


  • Above 100 professionally designed ecommerce Website Templates available
  • Simple template customization option
  • Credit card payment gateway offered
  • Well featured shopping cart for your customers
  • Unlimited Web Hosting and Bandwidth
  • Simple SEO features
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Shopify Forum- Platform for feedback and ideas sharing
  • Shopify Apps
  • One stop solution as a ecommerce website builder and hosting services


  • Basic Plan – $ 29 Monthly
  • Shopify – $ 79 Monthly
  • Advanced – $ 299 Monthly


This ecommerce website builder suits the newcomers who are planning to launch a simple ecommerce website at the initial stage but have the plan to scale it up massively later. The company claims that its customers are growing twice as fast the market average. It has all the tools and features that you need to launch your ecommerce store and also to promote your store online without paying dearly for it. There are some really cool tools available like – coupons code generation, abandoned cart saver, streamlined checkout etc that will definitely help you boost the conversion rate of your website significantly.


  • Great on SEO Tools, Conversion Tools, Marketing Tools and Analytic tools
  • Numerous Product Configuration options
  • Highly secured website
  • Easy and safety payment gateway


  • Standard – $ 29.95 Monthly
  • Bigcommerce Plus – $ 79.95 Monthly
  • Pro – $ 199.95 Monthly
  • Enterprise – To be confirmed by Bigcommerce


Volusion is a no-nonsense ecommerce website builder that has all the firepower that you are going to need to launch your very own ecommerce website without learning the intricacies of coding at the first place. Once you sign up for Volusion, the company will assign a dedicated account manager who will help you in every stage of the development process so that you don’t feel lost while launching your first ecommerce website. Supports are available 24×7 and there are vast resources that you can dig into to make your website more interactive and amazing. Planning to integrate your website with ecommerce giants like eBay and Amazon? Well, you are in for luck as Volusion allows top-tier integrations with these aforementioned ecommerce giants.


  • Simple SEO features
  • One page check out feature
  • Auto Site Map generation and website backup daily
  • Effective Email Marketing tools
  • Easy payment processing


Designing and developing an ecommerce website has never been this easy thanks to Wix. You don’t need to have any programming or designing skills at all to be able to launch your ecommerce website. All you have to do is to choose a template from its vast collection of amazing templates and then start adding images, videos, texts etc on it. Secure Hosting, robust security features, drag and drop features etc are some of the cool features that set it apart from other ecommerce website builders of the market.


  • Fastest built up time
  • Drag and drop options to simplify the process while designing
  • 24X7 help assistance
  • Multi-platform optimization for mobile users, as well
  • Numerous inbuilt template options
  • Easy options for adding blog


This ecommerce website builder is meant for those who want to launch a simple ecommerce website with some basic features incorporated in it. It does not have all those ‘amazing features’ that other ecommerce website builders claim to have but it has the simplicity that you might find interesting. It offers multichannel support and also it offers secure checkout which is vital for the health of an ecommerce website.


  • Helps in creating innovative, full-fledged ecommerce websites with gallery styled product views.
  • Social network integrations, display of discount and other promo codes along with easy payment options.
  • Complete customization with user-friendly approach that goes well with other marketing tool etc.

Price: $ 14.95/month (inclusive of domain name generation, eBay integration and automatic security and backup checks).

Choosing from any of these website builder tools will definitely amplify your ecommerce based website building process and most favourably ease the accessibility standards of the customers too!

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