Summary writing tips for everyone

Summary writing tips for everyone

 A summary or an abstract is a concise and accurate statement of the content of the document, including the main factual information and conclusions of the work described. The text of the abstract should be laconic and clear, free from secondary information, be distinguished by convincing wording.

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How to write a summary – writing tips

When preparing an abstract, the following recommendations are given:

1. Write an article first. Although the summary will be posted at the beginning of your work, it should be written last, after writing the article.

2. Start writing your abstract on a new page. The design of the title page of the article is recommended according to the rules adopted for APA journals.

3. The summary should be short: 150 to 250 words, depending on the particular journal. The summary should be written in solid text, without division into paragraphs and without indentation.

4. The structure of the summary looks just like the structure of the article. You should start with a short introductory part, then keep on going with a description of the way, research results and their discussion.

5. Check summaries in journals, which are professional for samples of how to structure your materials. Pay attention to the major points the writers used in their abstracts and use them as a guide when writing yours.

6. Write an outline (draft) summary. When striving for brevity, avoid making your summary too brief. Make an effort to complete one or two main points of each section of the article. In case there is a draft by your side, edit, proofread the document.

7. Ask someone, a friend maybe, to look through what you have written. Sometimes, getting a fresh perspective on a text can provide the best perspective on how it will be revised, helping to identify possible typos and other errors.

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