Spotted: Google+ Stories Appearing As Individual Google Now Cards

If you are a Google+ user (with Stories enabled) you may see new notifications in Google Now when a new story has been compiled.


Last year’s “stories” release from Google+ was a promising feature that helped condense happenings into a simple story. This feature has not only withstood the test of time, but has recently been seen appearing within Google Now cards.

The example spotted in the wild by Thomas Tenkely shows the story name, number of moments and the date of the story. The link takes users directly to their Google+ app where it can be viewed and shared directly with their followers.

In order to enable stories users need to perform the following:

  • Turn on Google Location History for Android or iOS
  • If you store photos on Google Drive, show your Drive photos & videos in your photo library
  • Use Auto Backup on your mobile device or computer
  • Make sure Auto Awesome is on
  • Add your home & work addresses in Google Maps
  • Take a lot of pictures

Hat tip to Thomas Tenkely & 9to5Google.

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