Social Media Marketing Lessons From Katy Perry

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With 57,716,969 followers and counting, Katy Perry is taking the Twittersphere by storm. Although Justin Bieber held the title for some time, Katy’s loyal fan base of “Katy Cats” has made her the most followed user on Twitter. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres late last year, Katy shed some light on her infamous social media habits.

I think people like following me because they see that there’s an authenticity to it. It’s always me Tweeting.

Social media is all about establishing relationships and sharing your brand voice. Just as Katy’s fan base wants to see her personality shine through her Twitter account, your audience wants to see you humanize your brand through social media.

From sharing the daily happenings around the office to putting some TLC into the maintenance of your online relationships, it’s vital to let your followers know who you truly are. Brands thrive off of simple, genuine human-to-human communication, so, at the end of the day, authenticity is much appreciated.

I’m sharing about my life; it’s not always me saying ‘buy my record, buy my record!’ Although I do say buy my record like once, and then I share a YouTube video of a cat.

Although your company may not be sharing cat videos anytime soon, people follow brand accounts to get to know the brand and to create an experience with that particular brand. Whether it’s a celebrity’s personal account or a company page, social media content should never be promotional through and through.

By implementing the “80/20 Rule” into your social media strategy, you can avoid looking like spam and keep your audience engaged. Dedicate 80 percent of your time to sharing outside content that will interest your followers, and talk about yourself just 20 percent of the time. This will help you build thought leadership and make your audience appreciate your branded messages when the time comes.

I do a lot of drafts. I have a few people who I ask if I should post certain things, and they tell me to sleep on it. Then I wake up the next day and I’m like ‘Oh yeah, that wasn’t a great idea.’

Even Katy Perry herself can’t predict or control every situation that may arise. Nevertheless, you do have the power to decide what content you share and how you want to respond to each comment that comes your way.

Once you share something with the social media world, it’s out there for everyone to see (and to criticize). Make sure that what you’re sharing across all of your social media platforms mirrors how you want your brand to be perceived.

I’m not as good of an Instagrammer, because I’m like, why should I rule both Instagram and Twitter? Let someone else rule.

Right out of the gate, I highly recommend having a presence on all social media platforms, just to see what works for your brand and what doesn’t. Katy Perry gave both Twitter and Instagram a fair shot, but at the end of the day, her Katy Cats clearly prefer the Twittersphere.

After getting started, you’ll soon realize where your audience spends its time as well. If it’s clear that you’re getting engagement and social referrals to your website from one platform and your numbers from another are stagnant, don’t waste any more of your time. Invest your social efforts into the platforms that will generate the best results for your brand and get you closer to your overarching goal.

It’s clear that Katy Perry has found her social media calling; your brand could learn a few things from the “Queen of Twitter” herself. By taking her insight to heart, you, too, can become a social media firework (pun intended).

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