Social Media marketing effectiveness

With the change in time we have seen the changes in the technology which impact us all with the varying degree. This impact is more over felt in higher degrees on the way of communication and sharing of information. For business to survive they ought to be competitive and adopt the emerging mode of communication to effectively reach the target audience. Without the communication reaching the desired threshold the brand development ultimate aim of making the mark in the mind of consumer does not exist. Visualizing the changing trends of communication we would find very many differences in the modes, remarkably last 30 years have lead emergence of new effective mode of communication and older ones taking the backseat still they exists, in conjugation with the new emerging modes. Assuming the situation which persists 30 year from now the mode of communication to consumers was few and not too much fragmented. The branding activity ought to adopt and select amongst the available form which were commonly used: TV advertising, Print Media Advertising, Pamphlets, billboards and outdoor advertising and promotion. At present the situation is rather tough to be explored with ease as medium of communication have increases and upcoming medium which have gained ground in approx period of 30 years, which was not heard off prior to that in India being Internet Marketing and Promotion. Even this very basic media too is complicated and lots of promotion opportunity and options are available which need to be cautiously selected and implemented for the benefit of Online Brand Building Activity. With time even the online media have underwent drastic changes initially the mode of promotion and brand building even on internet were does similar to the print media with an add on advantage of 24 by 7 availability of the information. At present the old format of promotion namely banner advertising, website development, SEO, SEM, Press Release, E-mail marketing and content management are existent with major focus on emerging media namely called SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, the greatest advantage of this medium it provides strength to the individual rather than advertiser. The message delivered is believed to be from individual with whom one associates them so the communication acceptability becomes easy. SEO can be effective way to Promote Product or Services as it basically makes the information available to one who is searching for that but Social Media Marketing is essentially gaining grounds for creating Brand, Maintaining Brands and Repositioning them to beat the competition, as anything which person find on Social Media can be more closely related by an individual as truth and not just a promotion and marketing stunt. The activities which are regarded as cautious act of advertiser with aim of promotion and brand building activity is often not easily accepted as delivered. The fragmentation of media and mode of communication have ultimately lead difficult situation for the brand development, repositioning, or constant promotion activity as the budget available have to be effectively apportioned on all the modes to provided the Integrated Impact on the brand development activity undertaken even when considering online media separately. Apportioning and selection of brand development activity majorly depends on vary many factors namely: – Type of communication message to be delivered. – Nature of Target audience and their location. – Education level. – Level of technology adaptability amongst the target. – Type of product /services to be delivered – Internet Friendliness of the target audience Without registering in mind what the advertiser wishes to communicate all the efforts which forms the part of this cumbersome activity is totally waste. Thus the pooling of the resources to provide customized complete solution for the branding activity is the need of hours so we have updated and involved whole plethora of activities related to brand development, promotion, and market research under a single umbrella with expertise from different divisions too namely