Social Media – Have a Focus and Keep it Simple

— May 21, 2017

social mediaI am finding myself overthinking a number of items lately. Marketing is one of these areas. I am back to realizing that I need to go back to a more consistent content strategy. Today, I am revisiting this theory and I am actually seeing a different scenario.

Here are some items I am studying more:

  • Writing shorter articles – Don’t get caught up in writing for Google
  • Getting to the point faster
  • Write from an experience standpoint and stop curating so much
  • Learn more and share more
  • Talk about what works and does not work.

I am getting myself for a full onslaught of content in June. I’ve looked at the items above and the facts speak for themselves. If I am investing time in these areas, I will see success on many levels.

My new metrics

  • Quality Connections – There are a lot of great people out there. Not everyone is a quality connection
  • Quality Connections will comment to you in public or outside of social media. Many of us do not like to comment online anymore
  • If people are not asking to follow you or connect with you, you may be quickly becoming an irrelevant voice online
  • Personal Branding permeates your company brand and vice/versa
  • Ultimately it is about ROI and for me it has always been sales and growth. Anything less is just a statistic.

“Social Media is just like the stock market, either you are in the market or you are not. ”

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