Social Media Amplification Works: Ask Microsoft Channel Partners!

February 22, 2015

60 Microsoft partners and users of socialondemand® from purechannelapps, offered as a free service by Microsoft under the programme name ‘Microsoft SocialonDemand’ in the UK, recently answered a social media survey for Microsoft. The results were astonishing.

Like many brands, amplifying your message on social media is crucial in order to remain competitive and promote your brand to end-users. But how is this best achieved? Here we will delve into Microsoft’s best practice for achieving social media amplification through their resellers.


  1. Is social media valuable?

When resellers were asked to rate the value of social media, 10 being the highest, 70% rated it 8 or above, believing it brought great value. This shows the ever increasing importance of social media, one that should not be ignored. This is especially true for channel partners who are very often ignored when it comes to social media ‘through’ activities.

  1. Lacking content and time 

Even though partners value social media and see it as hugely important, the facts are, 68% lack content to share and 80% lack the time to find and post content. These are the real issues, and prohibit their ability to post regularly on social media.

  1. SocialOnDemand makes a huge difference!

87% of resellers who use SocialOnDemand found this platform extremely helpful when it comes to finding content. This is because SocialOnDemand lets resellers select their content preferences and delivers – via emails – only the relevant content these resellers want, when they want it, be it immediately, daily or weekly. This eliminates the need for partners to search through the internet or their suppliers’ blog pages to find pertinent news.

Furthermore, a huge 96% of resellers found SocialOnDemand makes it easy to re-post this content. By leveraging APIs from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, SocialOnDemand enables users to publish content to any of their social networks in just one click! This eliminates the need to copy and paste content for one platform and the next and so on.

  1. SocialOnDemand – a doddle

SocialOnDemand also allows Microsoft partners, in less than three clicks to receive, edit, send or schedule posts, to any of their social networks.

Microsoft’s resellers say it all, with 74% rating their experience of using SocialOnDemand highly. Being easy to use, is a value 78% of resellers appreciate, improving efficiency levels. This includes adding social media accounts, setting content categories and selecting content to post.

Overall 89% of all resellers believe SocialOnDemand, as offered by Microsoft, adds value to their business and is relevant to their own customers.

This is not only beneficial to resellers, it also ensures that Microsoft retains control of their content, and consistently amplify their brand messages to the millions of social media followers their partners have. A win-win-win scenario for all involved – Microsoft, their partners and their partners’ followers!

The feedback says it all

‘Content is a great help and saves me time trying to source my own.’

‘Please keep the content coming – this has now helped us start a social media marketing strategy.’

‘This has been a great addition for a company of our size to engage with useful and relevant content through social media.’

‘I find that most of the content is relevant to my business and like the fact that Microsoft are finding content for me to post which saves me a lot of valuable time.’

‘In a busy world having Microsoft SocialonDemand, is a god send. The ability to have relevant content that my network will find useful is invaluable. Love this tool – really great way to get sellers advocating our products on social media.’

‘The system has been very easy to use and a brilliant complement to our other social media and digital initiatives.’

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