Set The Right Tone At Your Company

February 25, 2015

Setting a ToneToo often, we hear that company culture is way too strong for people to make a difference because old rules are in place and people need to understand that company politics is the rule at most companies. I know, because I have seen it over the course of my career.

Today, many GenXers like myself are working with a wide array of personalities from Baby Boomers to Millineals. Each group brings their unique set of values. For GenXers, we can relate to post internet and pre internet business processes. We grew up with Apples in our classrooms in the 1980s and had to adjust to Windows being introduced in the 1990s. Remember Windows 3.1 or Windows NT or Windows 95 and 98. We thought those techology advances were awesome at the time.

Most of us tried to learn the lastest technologies like the Palm Pilot or the advent of websites in the .com boom in the late 1990s. We survived Y2K and now we are entrenched with social media.

Technology has advanced over the last 20 years and it continues to change at a rapid pace. Today, we have tablets like the iPad and smartphones, but there must be more.

Someway, somehow we need to make sure the clients are being served and technology alone cannot do it. It needs to be part of a tone that is set at your company.

Over the past two years, I have dug into this topic of technology and advancement and what I am finding is that
“Technology only works with the proper company direction”

Two years ago, each employee at our company was presented an iPad and was told that the future technology of the compay is in the palm of your hand. Many employees tried to learn more about various apps. Many people suggested uses for the company resulting in a reduction of paper. However, three people finally stepped forward and presented and implemented a process that used technology to take us to the new level.

Many professionals were concerned and are still concerned about the effects of social media and content marketing. Many people really do not want to take the time and learn how these forms of communication can benefit a company. They are more concerned about the risks and negativity associated with these technologies and marketing approaches.

The point here is that technology and communication need to be leader-driven from the top of the company. As a leader, when you can integrate new processes using these technologies, you set a tone for your company that your company is a leader in the industry. As a leader, it is your responsibility to be in touch with marketing, IT, and clients, (internally and externally) to effectively service your clients. As a leader, you also need to be informed of legislation and new accounting rules. Obviously, you cannot do all of this alone, but the more informed you are as a leader, the better your company and employees will be going forward.

The only way to be effective is continue to look ahead. There is no way, we would want to go back to older technologies. We should have the same mindset when it comes to leading our companies. Keep looking ahead and look at people and processes first and technology to help achieve goals in the areas of people and processes.

Start setting a tone for the future today! Start with today and outline your potential projects for the future. Start small and set specific goals and deadlines. You will quickly see as I have that you will have a nice system in front of you that excites people and clients and keeps your company moving in the right direction.

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