Top 5 Pins: DIY Easter Egg Designs

  • March 29, 2015

    With one week until the Easter holiday there is ample time to set up a fun crafting exercise for your children, family, or friends. Create your own Easter inspired crafts that resemble eggs, carrots, or bunnies. Celebrate even further with an Easter egg hunt and a bounty of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps! Easter eggs are traditionally decorated to celebrate the holiday and spring season. There are a million way to decorate this popular symbol of Easter. Here are our Top 5 DIY Easter egg design pins!

    1. Typography

    Easter Eggs can be very charming with the right message. Add a little phrase or hashtag to your Easter eggs with creative color palettes. Check out this DIY for a bright and quirky Easter egg design!

    2. Emoji

    When we don’t always know what to say there is usually an emoji that perfectly captures how we are feeling. This Easter you can create an amusing egg design with an expressive emoji character.

    3. Confetti Dipped

    Show off pretty spring colors with your Easter eggs! Paint your eggs with a few of your favorite pastel colored paints, add a little glue on one end, and dip your eggs in gold confetti. This design is perfect for a minimal yet glamourous Easter egg design.

    4. Foliage

    When we think of spring, spring flowers come to mind. Represent spring foliage on your Easter eggs for a delicate look. Put them on display as a table centerpiece for your Easter festivities.

    5. Silk Dyed

    You can draw, paint, dip in confetti, and dye your Easter eggs! Try this beautiful DIY Easter egg design by dying your eggs with 100% silk. Attempt this DIY if you desire a more intricate design for your eggs that you cannot accomplish by hand.

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