Sales Training Tips for Sales Success

  • How do you become a successful sales person? Thousands of people striving to increase sales performance ask this question daily. Some people are born with a natural flair to sell, but others can also succeed in sales if they follow proven sales techniques. Below are some really valuable sales training tips. 1. Start with self improvement! 1) Set a sales goal and make the decision to reach it. There is no one and nothing that can hold you back from succeeding except yourself. 2) Identify your weakest skill holding you back and make a plan to become excellent in that area. Set a deadline and work on it every day. 3) Associate with positive, successful people and avoid negative, critical, or constantly complaining people. 4) Take good care of your physical health to ensure high levels of energy and good self esteem. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest. 5) Visualise your sales success. Imagine exciting pictures of yourself as positive, confident, competent and completely in control of every part of your life. 6) Practice positive self-talk. Talk to yourself the way you want to be rather than the way you might be today. 7) Take positive action toward your goals. Be proactive, not reactive. 2. Set proper priorities 1) Use your time effectively. Do not spend hours on activities that don’t deliver a return on your time investment and do not contribute to business development. 2) Research, read, and listen to podcasts and webcasts after prime business hours. 3) Do what is “closest to cash” first every day. Write a proposal, follow up on a referral, return a phone call, schedule a meeting with a sales prospect, or chat with someone about a referral introduction.

    4) Focus on new business development. 3. Create sales opportunities 1) Attend a networking event at least once a week. Go where your clients go. Engage in networking activities and continue to expand your referral network. 2) Contact your existing clients. They are your best source of new business, whether for additional projects for their group, or for referrals to their contacts in other organisations. 3) Build your referral list. Make a list of everyone you know and put the people you know best at the top. Contact them, discuss what is new in your business, ask how you can help them, and get their ideas for people you should meet. Following the abovesales training tips will definitely improve sales performance. But if someone is looking for professional training, there are various sales training courses to attend. In Griffith College Dublin one could take advantage of their Diploma in Marketing, Advertising, PR & Sales. This combination of marketing techniques, sales strategy, PR and Advertising applications will broaden the skills of a sales person and knowledge in the marketing of products/services for the consumer, industrial and service sectors. Participants will be asked to design creative advertising and public relations campaigns, undertake case studies and practice sales techniques; through which they will explore the principles of marketing and promotion and acquire an excellent understanding of this field. Griffith College offers participants the opportunity to attend their online marketing course . This course is aimed at those looking to build an effective online presence, and will be of interest particularly to those who own a business or manage a corporate website

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