Return Path Upgrades Email Intelligence Tool With Search Feature

  • Return Path Upgrades Email Intelligence Tool With Search Feature

    by Jess Nelson , October 25, 2017

    Return Path upgraded Inbox Insight on Tuesday, unveiling enhanced features to its email intelligence tool that enables marketers to browse millions of real email marketing messages.

    The new “Browse Campaigns” feature adds a search tool to Inbox Insights, and is now available to all current Inbox Insights users. Return Path customers can browse millions of real email marketing messages by categories like subject line, industry, and campaign type.

    Think of Inbox Insights as a search engine for email marketers — a tool that marketers can use when looking for a competitive edge. Customers can also browse the email database by the top-performing campaigns for creative inspiration, and compare their own email messages side by side with competitors.

    The email search engine includes background information on every message. Marketers can see the full email creative, examine details on the email sender, and access campaign performance metrics like read rate and inbox placement rate. Return Path customers can also save and download favorite campaigns to access at a later time.

    Marketers can also choose to search emails by date range, which could prove very helpful to email marketers that are eager to investigate — and mimic — the top-performing email campaigns during the holiday season. Marketers could analyze the best Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaigns, for example, or examine how brands engage with consumers on Halloween.

    The deluge of emails that flood consumers’ inboxes makes it more difficult for marketing messages to stand out, but understanding the types of email messages that elicit the strongest response from consumers gives email marketers a competitive edge during a critical season. Search Marketing Daily