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April 25, 2015

Every year marketers will try to persuade companies that this year is the ‘year for video’, but the truth is, every year video has been around it has always been great to use for business.

For example, videos can help advertise, promote, inform and engage users at every level, whether they are looking for a funny video, or even a video about a specific product they’re interested in.

We will highlight some examples of this, so you can see how using video for your business has its benefits.

Saami Snow, a UK-based ski clothing company, have built relationships with their customer base which means they have a number of videos (below) of their jacket in use on the slopes. This helps show the product in its glory and so people can really understand the benefits of buying the product, without being too ‘salesy’.

Product reviews are a great way to utilise video, and often these videos are consumer-generated so the hard work is done for you. Although, do note that sometimes you may not hear everything you want to hear.

Soakology, a bathroom and bathroom accessory specialist, also use video to help drive interest and sales of their products. They do this by creating product-specific videos that highlight exactly what you get in the box when you buy one of their taps (below), for example. This technique helps users see what they get when they buy the product and can see whether they need to buy any additional items to help fit it to their existing or new bathroom suite.

Explainer videos are a great way to briefly highlight the features that will be useful to the customer and Soakology have done this really well. This video might be seen at the ‘Research’ stage of the buying cycle but it helps build trust and credibility, which can in turn lead to a sale.

Dollar Shave Club, a company offering men’s razors on a monthly basis for real cheap, took the world by storm with its viral video advertising its products. This video wasn’t just boring and over-promotional though, but instead a video that promoted its products with humour and creating a ‘need’ for the customer.

Creating a ‘need’ in your video is important if you are focused on selling your product or your USPs. Although each of these videos differ in their messaging, they are working in the same way to create sales.

Videos work well to create sales if done correctly. But, if you’re don’t take your time to create the video and make it high quality, it is not going to have the desired effect you want it too. 2015 could be the year of video, but only if you make it.

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