Producing Video En Masse – 4 Practical Tips

— November 20, 2017

We need video. And lots of it. It’s something we hear all the time. Video has become such a central way of engaging with audiences, that brands require more and more of it. And for businesses with large product lines, whether its a portfolio of properties/hotels, an educational e-learning series or an extensive range of consumer products, the challenge is even more acute.

Here are 4 tips to help you when it comes to volume:

1 – The template is your friend

Invest time upfront in producing a standard template for all future video in a series. This will ensure the videos are being consistently expressed in the right way, but will also allow your video suppliers to be quicker and more cost-efficient in the way they produce your videos.

Areas for consideration include:

Filming style
Design elements
Music / VO
Content / Messaging

Video Production Services - Editing Department

2 – Find the perfect partner

Look for a video supplier that has the ability to drive efficiency. Suppliers that rely on freelance crew, for example, will inevitably find it much harder to provide the efficiencies you need over the course of a large body of work. Also look at what added extras they can provide. For example, at Aspect, we have our own in-house film studio. For companies looking to produce lots of videos featuring products or interviews, this is an incredibly valuable asset as it allows them to take advantage of cost-savings across a large body of work.

3 – Efficiency Efficiency Efficiency

Plan ahead. Sounds simple, but with holistic planning you can create a bank of assets, shooting for multiple content in any given filming opportunity. This allows you to find efficiencies, saving money on crew, location and acting costs without any loss in the quality of the final output. Assigning a dedicated team to produce the video series will also drive efficiency, as they get familiar working to the established template – increasing output over time.

Video Content Strategy

4 – Go ahead and monetise

Perhaps your video content series gives rise to an opportunity to monetise. Creating different ‘levels’ will tease audiences to want to consume further. For example, your content may be made available to access free of charge up to a point but then will require some kind of subscription or data capture to reveal and access the full series. There may also be an opportunity to sell the units to 3rd parties.

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