Preparing For The Holiday Rush: 4 P’s of E-Commerce Engagement

  • — August 16, 2017

    The 2017 holiday shopping season is just months away, and many brands are already immersed in the advanced planning required to capitalize on this business opportunity.

    During holiday months, retailers acquire between 29 and 59 percent more customers. That percentage is even greater for holiday-sensitive retail categories, like apparel and electronics. To put this in perspective, an average two-month period should bring in 16.6 percent of a store’s new customers.

    To take full advantage of this customer acquisition opportunity, merchants must play their cards right. The customer must be at the center of all efforts. Here are the four “p’s” of ecommerce engagement:


    In The Godfather, Don Corleone delivered one of cinema’s most iconic lines—and the ultimate mantra for merchants: “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Be like Don. Think outside the box and consider alternative methods of promotion beyond price. Compelling offers can include bundling complementary products to support up and cross-selling during gift-giving season.


    A personalized shopping experience can be the ultimate differentiator, particularly during the warm and-fuzzy holiday season. Find ways to connect with your shoppers based on the information they’ve shared with you. Simple touches such as personalized subject lines offer warm, welcoming engagement points. Other helpful ways to engage more personably include presenting relevant offers based on previous purchase history, and identifying your shoppers by name across all stages of the shopping journey.


    Take a page from the playbook of niche store merchants. Focus on ways to delight shoppers with a uniquely special browsing experience. On your store website, recreate the holiday spirit previously relegated to the physical mall environment. Strategically place relevant and timely visual touches that hearken the holiday spirit of the traditional in-store shopping experience. Consider implementing browsing, researching, and purchasing more fluid for the shopper.


    Consider the journey to ensure a simplified checkout process. Eliminate barriers to purchase. Create and support conversion-based behavioral patterns with a focus on copy and navigational experience. Mitigating barriers to conversion, such as providing checkout without creating an account, help avoid missed opportunities and an unfriendly user experience. Keep customers engaged and uninterrupted by avoiding redirects or additional prompts. Special countdowns on offers or availability also support shopper urgency.

    For more best practices for maximizing the holiday shopping season, download your free copy of Holiday Commerce Outlook: Unwrapping Strategies & Tactics for a Winning Shopping Season.

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