Outsource Work Without Sacrificing Quality


Outsource Work Without Sacrificing Quality


Outsourcing refers to a situation where companies entrust some of their processes to external vendors. Businesses benefit from this practice in several ways. For example, the cost of performing these outsourced tasks is lower than it is if the company executed them. Another one is that the business focuses on its core activities leading to heightened levels of efficiency. More importantly, the company gains access to highly skilled professionals who work for external vendors. As you can now tell, outsourcing is an excellent idea for you and your company. However, the question is what services or processes will you outsource to external vendors.



Work That You Cannot Outsource


The temptation to outsource everything exists. Doing so would free your time entirely so that you can focus on things in life. Unfortunately, outsourcing everything is impossible. In fact, determining what you cannot outsource is necessary before you can decide what others will do for you. For example, outsourcing something that gives you an edge over your competitors is unwise.


Apple understands this principle, and that is why it outsources its manufacturing while keeping the design work close to its chest. Outsourcing a task that you enjoy doing is also detrimental to your potential growth in the business. Remember, we perfect our skills when it comes to the things that we like doing. Developing these skills leads to breakthroughs and increased levels of passion for the business.


Tasks That You Should Outsource


Create a list of challenging tasks. Rank these tasks based on how strenuous they are. Outsource the ones that rank as the most stressful. Another criterion for selecting duties for outsourcing is the effort, structure, and time that go into them.


For example, imagine that you sell your products through an e-commerce platform. Do you have enough time to start and run an online marketing campaign? Can you create the appropriate content for your site? Will you come up with the right keywords for SEO purposes? It has become a marketing trend to outsource these SEO optimizations to an expert.


Outsourcing debt collections is an excellent idea as well. Remember, your debtors know you already. In fact, some of them feel as though they can manipulate you into accepting reduced or infrequent payments. Avoiding these situations is possible if you outsource your debt collection activities. These debt collection agencies work professionally lowering the cases of unconstructive familiarity between the debtor and the creditor.


Software for Outsourcing Work


Many people erroneously believe that outsourcing is only possible when another person does it. However, technology makes it possible for you to pay a company for the use of software that does the work for you. The firm’s task, in this case, would be managing the software to make sure that it performs its functions accurately and continuously.


Remember, automating iterative processes in your business is a straightforward exercise because they follow a recognizable pattern. This automation process happens through programming and digitization. Digitized software means that you can use it on your laptop and smart devices. Interestingly, reports say that 94% of marketers who use automated systems recorded an improvement in their company’s performance.


Getting the Most Out Of Your Outsourcing Contract


Entrepreneurs have two principal objectives, i.e., maximizing profit and minimizing costs. Meeting these objectives helps you when it comes to benefiting from your investment. For example,  maximizing returns is possible if you explain your requirements to the outsourcing agent exhaustively. Remember, the employees work tirelessly as long as they have an accurate idea of what you want. Making adjustments is also easy if they get it wrong the first time.


Additionally, minimizing your cost is possible if you take a few steps towards this goal. In this case, you can research on the price that different outsourcing companies charge for their services. Go for the cheapest option if possible. However, examine the agencies credentials and portfolio as well. Make sure that they are above par. Finally, hire someone whose price is acceptable based on your financial situation. Examine their credentials as well to make sure that they will give you value for your money. If you are looking for the value of an agency at the price of hiring a freelancer from abroad, a good idea often used by tech firms is to  hire non-immigrant professionals who can easily obtain a visa and work at your firm on a per-project basis. There are tens of alternatives when it comes to bringing in more value while being cost-efficient.


Finally, maximizing the potential of ongoing projects is an excellent idea. You can do that in several ways. For example, develop a monitoring and evaluation system. In other words, check the work that your agents are doing and do it regularly. This practice helps you catch errors in time so that you can ask for adjustments as the work proceeds. Alternatively, you can opt for small teams of people working remotely. You can go for that option if outsourcing fails to appeal to you.

Author: Jawad Alalawi
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