Outreach Strategy To Land Authority Guest Posts For SEO Clients

June 4, 2016

Let’s face it, expired domains are becoming increasingly harder to scrape. Personally, I’ve crawled over 100 million news articles since 2014 and we’re getting to the point where high quality expired domain names in certain niches cannot be found. Yes, there are domains left but when I find an expired domain name, I generally always want at least 20 referring domains and 3 news features with a domain authority of at least 75.

Instead of building a big private blog network, clients are now asking for outreach services and they generally offer us quite good money. Most agencies are charging anywhere from $ 199 to $ 700 for a single good placement on an industry blog or news website, which is a great chunk of change. In this post, I’m going to uncover the basics of outreach, so they you can also do it for your clients.

Find target sites

First, I usually head over to Google with a fresh browser window and search for industry blogs. If my client was a boat dealer, I’d search something like this:

  • boating blog “write for us”
  • fishing blog “write for us”
  • boating “become a contributor”
  • boating “submit an article”
  • any combination of the above

I also might check for where my client’s competition has been featured using a backlink analysis software. However, once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll have established contacts on many blogs and you won’t have to do any raw outreach anymore. I’ve done this for about a year now, and I have a few dozen blogs that love content submissions from me.

Find their submission form

So you’ll likely land on a page where you can submit your bio and some topic ideas. If your topics are good and you can prove you’re an expert in your field, they’ll probably get back to you with the requirements. Most big sites have some serious requirements on what they’re looking for. They know you want a link, so there’s no persuading from here on out. Give them all your social profiles too, because that’ll help Google tie together your identity in the SERPs.

Secret sauce

This is where things get easy. If you write for a decent blog, your article will get shares. For example, when I blog about SEO articles like this, the article will be shared by SEO agencies who also have a blog. I’ll simply reply to their tweet and ask if they want me to write a piece for them. The answer is almost always yes.

Now, I just keep building off what I have. When I apply to new sites to write for, my passive pieces of content are often my resume. Now I get to the point of where people are actually paying me to write for them, as a staff writer. That’s right. The writing was so well received, I now get paid for it.

I hope you can take the basics of what I’ve taught here and apply it to your own SEO agency. Guest post outreach is at an all time high and couldn’t be in anymore demand.

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