Nearly Half Of Brands, Agencies Still Don’t Have A Mobile Strategy

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    It seems shocking, but 48% of companies and 46% of agencies participating in a study from Econsultancy, in partnership with Adobe Marketing Cloud released Friday, still don’t have a mobile advertising and marketing strategy. Some 32% of companies and 43% of agencies say they have a strategy, but it’s not well defined. 

    About 60% of companies that don’t have a mobile strategy don’t know the percentage of Web site traffic that comes to their Web site via a mobile device, compared with 78% that do have a defined mobile strategy.

    Some 61% of companies that don’t have a mobile strategy don’t know the types of devices customers use, compared with 78% that do.

    On average, 28% of ecommerce sales are transacted on mobile devices — up from 21% in 2015 and 16% in 2014. And while the rate is likely to accelerate, consumers want easier, more intuitive systems, where search creates the means to easier find the product and quickly checkout.

    The report points to Starbucks’ Mobile Order & Pay platform that drives 5 million transactions monthly, that more than 20% of the company’s mobile transactions taking place this way.

    On the flip side, companies without a defined mobile strategy are more likely to draw less than 10% of their ecommerce revenue from mobile channels, 34% vs. 20%.

    Most companies and even more agencies realize they need a strategy. About 60% of companies and agencies in 2016 admit they will increase their investment, down from 62% in 2015, compared with decreasing at 2% and 3%, respectively.

    The study, Digital Intelligence Briefing: Taking Advantage of the Mobile Opportunity, shows why brands must not adapt old ideas to the smaller screen and realize there’s no room for error or waste.

    Consumer tracking across devices gets pretty complicated for those that that don’t have a mobile strategy. Only 34% that do not have a mobile strategy can track customers across different devices when they choose to authenticate and log in to the experience. And just 39% can provide relevant information to different segments of our users.

    It gets worse. Only 27% of companies that do not have a mobile strategy can track the effectiveness of paid, owned or earned media in driving user acquisition for mobile apps across the various app stores. Only 28% can provide real time messaging and experiences across multiple devices, and 28% can track users across devices in real time.

    It’s clear from the data that most marketers make decisions about their mobile customers and approach without key pieces of information. Even the forward leaning 20% with a well-defined strategy lack some elements of mobile customer analysis, according to the research.

    Still, , businesses participating in the survey that can track their digital traffic say, on average, 37% of their total digital traffic is not via mobile, up from 31% in 2015.

    The proportion that say over half of their digital traffic is via mobile has increased by 56% since 2015, from 18% to 28%, according to the study.

    Tablet use is heaviest in Europe, where it accounts for 35% of mobile traffic to Web sites, comparted with 25% in North America, and 30% in APAC. 

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