Message Systems Unveils Global Email Deliverability Tracking Tool

  • Message Systems flips email to up engagement

    Email isn’t sexy but it sells products. That is what a lot of experts say. Still others insist email needs an upgrade – from more responsive templates and design to better measurement. A new offering out from Message Systems may solve part of email’s issues by improving deliverability and engagement through metrics and analysis.

    by Kristina Knight

    The new Message Systems Adaptive Email Network is releasing into the wild today and it’s set up to gather feedback data from the world’s largest email senders to create new best practices that should help all email marketers increase the deliverability of their messages as well as engagement.

    “With more than 12,000 ISPs worldwide and millions of ISP domains, it’s impossible for senders to keep track of every new rule and bounce code, and to continually update their sending policies to reflect these changes,” said Phillip Merrick, CEO of Message Systems. “We understand the complexities of sending email better than any company in the world, and through the Adaptive Email Network we help our customers comply with all ISP rules and best-practice mandates for rejecting and regulating email.”

    “Understanding what’s happening on the receiving side of the email delivery chain is essential to getting our clients’ email messages delivered,” said James Thompson, director of email operations at Infusionsoft. “The Message Systems Adaptive Email Network updates our Momentum email infrastructure platform daily with the most up-to-date sending rules, ensuring that Infusionsoft clients always get the best deliverability rates possible.”

    Using the new platform marketers can:

    • More easily purge non-responsive email addresses
    • Streamline ISP management
    • Access real world feedback




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