Mastering PPC: 6 Questions to Answer to Help You Optimize Your PPC Campaign

— December 30, 2016

Mastering PPC: 6 Questions to Answer to Help You Optimize Your PPC Campaign

This is the sixth part of our eight-part series on mastering PPC.

In my opinion, optimization is the most important element of your PPC campaign (closely followed by determining your PPC budget). It’s important to have a strategy to optimize your campaign so you know your budget is being spent correctly and getting you the right leads.

Here are some questions to answer to help you optimize your PPC campaign:

  1. What search engine is converting best?: Google and Bing have interchangeable cost per leads, and Yahoo has the lowest cost per lead (however, Yahoo doesn’t have the search traffic available like Google/Bing).
  2. What page position are you converting in?: Forget trying to be number one if that’s not where you convert. This can cause you to bid too high, resulting in wasted budget, or it can cause you to bid too low, resulting in limited visibility
  3. What device is converting?: It’s important to know whether you convert more leads on desktop, mobile, or equally across both.
  4. How is your bid strategy set up across multiple devices?: Mobile and desktop campaigns run very differently, so it’s important to have a strategy for each device and know how it’s working for you.
  5. What time of day do you convert?: Knowing the days and times that you get the most conversions can help you determine your bidding strategy.
  6. What keywords are causing your phone to ring and your form submissions to come through?: Knowing which keywords are driving the most leads to your business is an essential component of optimizing your PPC campaign.

Having the answers to these questions can allow you to make data-driven decisions to drive the lowest cost per lead possible. You can also optimize your campaign based on your answers. Additionally, it’s helpful to work with an online advertising company that uses tactics like conversion-based optimization, which optimizes your PPC campaign based on what’s actually driving conversions, rather than just clicks.

Check back next week for the next part in our Mastering PPC series when we’ll be talking about running PPC campaigns on mobile devices.

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