Mass Emailing Sucks, Here’s How Top Marketers Send Great Emails

January 29, 2016


Why mass mailing sucks

Mass mailing consists in sending the same message to your entire contact list. No matter your recipients age, sex, location, preferences or purchase history, they will all receive the very same content at the very same time. Mass mailing is the fastest and easiest way to send communications to your customers but it’s also the worst one.

Batch and blast emails do not work because they are not personalized, hence irrelevant and no one wants to receive irrelevant content. So sending mass mailing will most likely result in a lot of unsubscribes but also spam complaints and this would be really bad for your deliverability, wouldn’t it?

Getting a customer-focused mindset

Today, emailing is still ranked as customers’ favorite marketing channel to receive promotions from brands they like so you should definitely keep on sending newsletters but you have to rethink your strategy. Competition in customers’ inbox is getting fiercer everyday so you cannot keep on sending them one-size-fits-all message, hoping some might be interested in it.

To be effective, your email marketing strategy needs to be people-based. If you want that your subscribers talk about your brand and recommend it, you need to offer them a top-notch customer experience. Meaning that each of your recipients should feel like your emails were created just for them. You need to make them feel unique, cared about.

Using data to send relevant emails

Marketers never had as many data available than they have today. You got information from the users themselves when subscribing to your newsletter or checking out on your website (first-party data), but you also collect data with your website analytics from page visits to purchase history (secondary data).

So not only customers accept to give you information about them but they are aware that you track all their moves when they are on your website so they expect you to use this data. In fact they want you to. Chances are they do like your brand because they subscribed to your newsletter, all you have to do now is sending them promotions on the right products and at the right moment.

To go further you can also use tools collecting third-party data such as context — device, location, weather, etc. If you have a mobile app and a website, you could display a link redirecting to your app if a recipient opens on mobile, and one redirecting to your website if another recipient opens on desktop for example. This allows you to be relevant in real-time for each recipient.

Finally, you also have tools allowing you to send your emails at a different time to each subscriber. As mentioned earlier, mass mailing is all about sending one message to all your list at the same time. Those tools are able to send your emails, one by one, based on each subscriber’s past behavior, in order to hit their inbox when it’s the best moment for them.

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