Majority Of Mobile Marketers Unsure Of Ability To Find New Customers

Majority Of Mobile Marketers Unsure Of Ability To Find New Customers

by Gavin O’Malley, Staff Writer @mp_gavin, March 16, 2017

Is your mobile marketing strategy still a work in progress? You’re not alone, according to a new report from RadiumOne, which included responses from about 300 senior marketers.

Measuring success remains a huge problem. Indeed, two-thirds of respondents admitted that they’re not confident they’ve identified the most important signals in their customers’ journey, the ad-tech firm finds.

What’s more, 61% of marketers still aren’t fully confident in their ability to find new profitable customers; 58% are not fully confident in their re-engagement efforts to alleviate customer churn; while more than 50% aren’t confident in their ability to acquire new customers and re-engage lost ones.

“The plain truth is that most marketers simply aren’t confident in their ability to capture and utilize data effectively,” Bill Lonergan, CEO of RadiumOne, notes in the report.

On the bright side, 80% of respondents agreed that consumer usage of mobile devices has significantly increased the volume of digital engagement data at their disposal.

Yet, when it comes to using data to improve branding, marketers cite “knowing where consumers are on their journey” as their biggest challenge (cited by 38%).

As for driving sales, another 38% of respondents cited the importance of “knowing what the most important customer interaction points are.”

Meanwhile, marketers cited content sharing from apps (29% of those surveyed), mobile site visits (28%) and app installs (27%) as the most valuable signals for improving mobile branding.

For mobile direct response, the most valuable signals are found in purchase data (38%), geo-location and bookmarked content (both 35%). Search Marketing Daily