Main Cost Factors of an Animated Explainer Business Video Production

July 27, 2015

If you’re just getting started with video content marketing for your business and thinking about adding an animated explainer video to your lead generation and sales process, you probably have a question of “how much does an animated explainer video cost?”

Before getting into the cost, lets look at the benefits.  When a website has a business animated explainer video, the website is proven to convert leads at a higher rate because the animated explainer video engages and explains hard to understand concepts.  So if getting people to understand what you offer and converting leads are some of your objectives, then adding a business animated explainer video to your lead generation and sales process might be a good idea.

To help you understand what your video productions services company will go through to cost our your project, here are the four main areas that will drive the cost up or down.

The first area is graphics.  Your video production company can either create custom graphics that are personalized just for you or you can use a site like ShutterStock to get an icon sheet.  One is going to be more expensive than the other.  The middle-of-the-road is selecting an icons sheet and doing some customization and personalizing of those graphics for your brand.

The second main area is movements. Do you want simple movements or complex movements? A professional video production company will be using software to create your animated explainer video so everything has to be created by hand, and more complex movements are going to take more time, and thus cost more, than simple moments.

The third area is the length / time of your video.  Because your professional video production company will be creating everything by hand, a 3o second animated explainer video is going to cost less than a 90 second video.

Thumbnail Multivision Minute 03And the fourth area that will drive the cost of your animated explainer video is the experience of your professional video production services company. There is a lot of pre-production work that goes into the planning of an animated explainer video and a more experienced team is going to be able to do more because they know the software more.

So there you have it, the four main areas that will answer the question how much is your business animated explainer video going to cost.  We hope this helps you budget and plan so you can see the benefit of business video production for your business.

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