LinkedIn Activity Calendar – Maximizing Your LinkedIn Performance

August 19, 2015
You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Performance By Following A LinkedIn Activity Calendar

There is a lot of great advice and information on the Internet about how to maximize performance of your LinkedIn profile. You could spend months researching blog articles and learning the best trick from the experts. Believe me I did this about a year ago.

I spent weeksLinkedIn Activity Calendar researching and learning how to be effective with my LinkedIn profile. At times discovering the amount of information and strategies was quite overwhelming. There is no shortage of helpful information out there on this subject.

Our mission at SA Interactive is to always educate our partners and prospects. Personally, I share my observations and findings with you via eBooks, blog posts, and other offers. In this post, I have put together some considerations for a LinkedIn Activity Calendar. I hope you find this worksheet handy and helpful. There is also a sample LinkedIn Content Calendar that goes along with this blog post. You can download it at the bottom of this page.

business development best practicesIn order to gain exposure to you and your brand, it is important to be active with LinkedIn daily. LinkedIn takes a lot of hard work and there is time involved. You should take it easy at first. After you have created a profile, you need to slowly increase your activities on LinkedIn with the ultimate goal of doing a LinkedIn related activity once daily five days a week, twenty activities a month. In order to get to that point, I have created some examples of different LinkedIn activity to get you thinking about what you can do.

Linkedin best practices for sales

Here are some LinkedIn activity ideas that will help you get started.

  • Send helpful content to a connection. This could be an article, blog post, etc.

  • Introduce two of your connections that are not currently connected to each other. Look for mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Keep your status updated – what you are working on, wins, content to share.

  • Jump into a LinkedIn group discussion, comment on an discussion, ask a question, start a new topic.

  • Review your connections list, make changes where necessary.

  • Write a recommendation.

  • Review recommendations for skills and manage the list.

  • Check profile stats.

  • Start a targeted LinkedIn ad campaign.

  • Review ad campaigns and figure out which works the best.

  • Edit personal profile.

  • Connect with someone in a group that you do not know personally.

  • Scroll through recent updates/notifications – find one thing a day to comment or share.

  • Endorse 5 individuals a week 2-3 endorsements each.

  • Create and launch Polls.

  • Share LinkedIn Today articles of influence.

  • Update clients and prospects about what the company is working on.

  • Client spotlight.

  • Share LinkedIn Influencers with you network.

  • Add new connections from people you may know.


This is a big list and I tried to cover everything. Do you perform an activity that you did not see on this list?

As we all know, LinkedIn takes work, but it’s important to professionals. With some guidance and a little research you can make the most of it. Please come back often to see what else we are writing about for LinkedIn.

At SA Interactive, we are always providing education information and strategies related to the sales process, marketing strategies, branding, web design, and more!

Download our Sample LinkedIn Content Calendar!

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