12 Tactics and Tips for Social Media Success

May 3, 2016

Social media is an ever growing tool for marketers. Social platforms are creating more and more tools to help us get our brands message out to as many people as possible.

  1. Imagery – Using quality visuals will greatly increase the chance of getting higher levels of engagement.
  2. Hashtagging – Instagram and Twitter discovery is highly connected to the use of hashtags. Use relevant hashtags to increase the chance of your company being discovered.
  3. Many to Many Conversations – Using social media to start the conversation surrounding your brand is one of the most beneficial parts of a social strategy. You need to engage the audience and not just be reactive.
  4. Sleazy Sales Tactics – Social media was not built to sell things. However it can if you do it right! You should never try to go for the hard sale.
  5. Timing Your Posts – There are certain times of day when your audience is most active. To increase the chance of your posts being seen you should utilize the analytics available and post during peak hours.
  6. Analytics – Utilizing all aspects of analytics will help you understand the behaviors of your audience, this in turn will help determine how to strategize.
  7. Paid Advertising – Social advertisements are HUGE! They are in my opinion one of the most effective ways of advertising your company. The low cost and high return are the reason I have that opinion.
  8. Make Special Offers – You need to create value for someone to follow you so by making special offers to your social following the consumer feels they are gaining by liking your page.
  9. Patience – Like any marketing strategy results take time. You need to stay consistent and have patience with the process.
  10. Be Real – Social followers love authenticity, they don’t want to follow overly corporate brands who make stuffy uptight posts all the time. Social media can humanize your brand very effectively if done correctly.
  11. Contests – People love free stuff. You should create contests to give your fans another form of value.
  12. Gamification – These type of contests perform even better. Like a hidden easter egg on your website where the user clicks and enters their information to win a prize. It is lead generation, website conversion and appealing for the chance to win!

There are literally hundreds of tips I could give out to increase the chance of success on social. These are just a few I wrote down to try and help you do better. If social marketing is too hard, time consuming or complicated give Simply Social Group a call. We help brands like yours build their social strategies with your goals in mind.

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