Learning From Link-Building Content Failure

Sometimes our failures teach us more than our successes. Columnist Julie Joyce discusses how best to use content failure to your advantage.


Recently, I conducted a workshop on content for a company based in Prague. I felt nervous about it because my last experience speaking in the Czech Republic didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

Why not? I have to admit that I didn’t take all the steps I should have to make sure that the content of my link-building workshop was what the audience wanted, expected and needed. I won’t say it was a total failure (as several people told me they found it beneficial), but overall I do understand that on some level, I failed the participants.

Why Does This Matter For Links?

You may be asking, “What does this have to do with link building?”

Well, it turns out that the ingredients for building and running a successful workshop are some of the same ones you need to create and promote great, linkable web content.

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