Is your Brand Allocating Enough Resources to Your Website?

May 29, 2015

Your website plays so many different roles- a 24/7 salesman, a brand ambassador who tells your story around the clock, and a customer experience and service center, just to name a few. Small businesses and big brands alike have begun to realize how valuable these functions are to the customers who use their products and services. We have begun to rely upon them to wear so many different hats throughout the course of the day- or even one visitors’ session. Most Brands’ fully understand the need for a website. However, the amount of resources allocated to their site vastly varies.

WordPress is the perfect platform to fulfill all of these function. While WordPress is extremely user-friendly, for your website to achieve its full potential you will have to be willing to commit adequate resources.

In this article, the term “resources” will be used loosely. Whether you choose to hire out, create an in-house team, or doing it all yourself building and maintaining, a website will require two things- time and/or money. This may sound a little intimidating, but please don’t be discouraged. We want to portray a clear look at what it really takes to make your website into your MVP.

Design, Development & Content

From inception to launch there are dozens of elements that need to come together to create a cohesive site. Design is much more than just a pretty layout. Your website needs to look good, function properly, achieve your goals (i.e. e-commerce or contact conversion), have well organized and clear, concise content, a stellar user interface and experience, and scale to mobile and other devices.

It is a lot to juggle, and the price tag can vary depending upon whom you choose to work with, your vision and a slew of other variables. Understanding what you are paying for is incredibly important.

Maintenance & Security

Websites are never maintenance-free. WordPress and plugin updates will have to be installed, periodic backups are critical, and maintaining Google Webmaster best practices will all have to be after. They may not be the most time-consuming tasks, remembering or having the time to fulfill these take care of these vital undertakings is critical to the health and success of your site.

Recently there has been a lot of concern over the security of WordPress Websites. While most of these issues have been addressed, the chief issue remains with sites running out-of-date WordPress and plugin versions.

Continuing Content

Content Marketing has become a common practice. Developing quality content that visitors will consume and enjoy can help draw hundreds or even thousands of visitors a month. By publishing helpful, relevant, content you can show the world more about your brand, and begin to establish a rapport with your audience.

Make Your Website into your Brand’s MVP

The web can be a fickle place, each and every visitor is an opportunity for conversion- traffic is a coveted commodity. WordPress is a great way to introduce the world to your brand and its story. However, knowing what resources you will need to commit to maintaining your site should be something to consider when deciding which route best suits your need and ability.

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