Interactive Website Lets You Make Super Cute Kids Laugh…And Buy Clothes

Clothing brand encourages you to “play” with children online, to get you in the mood to buy adorable outfits.


Maybe it’s my hands. Maybe it’s my eyes. Maybe it’s my webcam. Whatever the case may be, this Fred & Farid-created interactive website for French kids’ fashion brand Bonpoint didn’t work as well as expected at first.

The site, which requests webcam access, urges you to cover your eyes and then try to surprise several super cute kids and make them laugh.

Sadly, I wasn’t very funny at first and was served up a goat. Yes, a goat. Apparently, that’s Fred & Farid’s “fail” mechanism. The marketing effort is meant to tie in with Chinese New Year and guess what year it is? Meet the goat:


After a little practice, I got the kids to laugh. Once viewers are finished playing with the kids, they can click little icons on and near the kids to buy the clothing.

It’s an intriguing approach to e-commerce and one that’s a whole lot more exciting than most. Just be warned. You might get the goat instead of the cute kids!

Here’s a video overview of the game:

The brand is promoting the site on its Twitter and Facebook pages:


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