7 Ways You Can “Suit” Up Your LinkedIn Profile Like Harvey Specter

February 22, 2015

I’m enthralled by the TV Show “Suits”.

If you haven’t watched this show, it’s about a college dropout (Mike Ross) who is hired by one of New York City’s “hot shot” lawyers, Harvey Specter. The dialogue is clever, the stories are compelling, and the “eye candy” of the gorgeous actors and their equally exquisite wardrobe, has me riveted.

I started thinking….if I were to craft LinkedIn profiles for some of the main characters, what would they look like (and how could you finesse your profile too)?

Let’s look at the profile of hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter, and how you can “suit” up your profile:

#1) Your profile picture is your first impression.
Polished and professional, Harvey has a good profile picture, but I would recommend he include a photo where he is smiling so that his first impression makes him appear approachable, friendly and confident.

#2) Keep your profile up-to-date.
Harvey’s LinkedIn profile is outdated. Your profile is a living document and should be updated regularly.

#3) Craft a killer headline
I would ensure Harvey’s headline was more than just “Named Partner at Pearson Specter Litt” so that it showcases his firm’s speciality. Such as:

“Partner: Pearson Specter Litt. Corporate Law, specializing in mergers and acquisitions.”

This way, it’s clear who his firm is, and who they work with.

#4) Tell your story through your Summary
Harvey’s LinkedIn Summary should be written in 1st person. It would highlight his professional accomplishments, some of his key clients, and – as a brand representative of his organization – would also include at least a paragraph about his law firm. I’d be sure to include a call-to-action with next steps on how to contact Harvey or his firm.

#5) Expand upon your current & past experience.
Using these key areas, I’d encourage Harvey to once again highlight his specialities, key clients, and his “wins”.

#6) Get “Social Proof” via LinkedIn Recommendations.
Testimonials from happy clients go a long way when someone looks at your profile. I would encourage Harvey to target his key clients (such as Michael Jordan) and ask for a glowing recommendation. This will help build trust and showcase his expertise.

#7) Additional Info:
Harvey is a particularly private person, but within the Additional Info section on LinkedIn, he could include that he loves basketball and boxing. Personal details peppered into his profile could turn a cold call into a warm introduction and build rapport with prospective clients.

There’s obviously a lot more to crafting a “Litt Up” (get it?!?) LinkedIn Profile, but these are the key areas I would recommend you focusing on so that you dominate your niche as an expert.

Remember, your first impression means a lot and you have mere seconds to convey you’re trustworthy and competent.

Now it’s YOUR turn: Do you keep your profile up-to-date? Have you ever obtained a new client as a result of having a strong profile? (I have!)

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