I Don’t Care About Social Media. I Want a Much Better Experience

May 22, 2016
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It is all About Experience!

Social media is, what it is, social talk using different media to get that message to someone. It is great for getting information in front of people in a quick and efficient manner. The issue I have is people continue to tell me I am missing out because I don’t engage and I am not investing more time in it.

Social Media is all about Engagement. (Seriously?)

Many people tell me that engagement is the way to go. If you’ve put the time in for the last 7 years and built up a huge audience, then yes, engagement works for you. If you are just starting out, good luck with the engagement piece. Ask yourself the following questions: Who do you know who sits their calendar to meet and talk with people via social media? Would you risk your work time on the hope that the person on the other side is interested in what you are saying?

If you are not on Social Media You are Really Missing Out

This is probably the number one reason people want to be on social media because they feel their marketing, networking and client service are incomplete. Those people who are on social media are continually looking for ways to justify their time on social media. If you are still wondering what you are missing out on try consider the following:

Start getting on social media and try to find your clients. If you find your clients on social, figure out who are you interacting with? My guess is that most people are on social media for themselves first and their business second. Others are looking for their next opportunity while still others use social media in such a way that you would not want to be connected to that person. While others yet are on social media just to talk, but do not take themselves too seriously. Is this a place where you want to spend your time and resources?

In 2016, I am taking social to a different level. I think we are in the biggest communication shift in our lifetime. More and more, I think it is about people’s experience. It is critical to look at the experience factor and find ways to create a better experience.

The company website is being overhauled to create a better eexperience

Today, I am furiously working with a company to implement a much better experience for our clients and visitors. With people moving their time from desktop computers to mobile devices, it is imperative that our company also change the way it delivers its content and experience.

The website must be mobile responsive for all portable devices, (no exceptions). In addition, new functionality must be implemented to make sure the site works for the clients and not the other way around.

All marketing initiatives must focus on the experience and not the content

In the past, I wrote content for Google. This focus worked well over the past seven years, but the landscape is changing. People want a much better experience. It is critical to lead people and encourage people toward the next step in the process. These steps can be basic steps toward some type of action or better yet, the process should lead to the setup of an account or an interaction over the phone or email. Personal communication is the best experience and it is better than any content that I could create.

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