How to Write Subscription Titles That Will Get You More Emails

by Ivana Kitanovic April 7, 2016
April 7, 2016

Every blogger’s dream is to wake up the morning after uploading a new post and find a bunch of new subscribers on their blog. But it’s not that easy to find people that’ll like your content as much and decide to hit the ‘subscribe’ button with will to follow your work in the future. That takes a lot of time, effort, flawless posts that will trigger their attention and of course breathtaking subscription titles. Wait what?

You read right. Subscription titles are nearly as important for your strategy of attracting new subscribers as your content. It’s all in the way you ask people to leave their email and cooperate in your idea. On one hand you don’t want to be pushy and on the other not too serious either.

I know more and more question marks are appearing in your head, but don’t worry. Let me guide you ahead and we’ll get to the bottom of the matter. By the end, writing the perfect subscription titles will be just a routine of yours. So let’s start!

Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

Hand helping a man to raise after falling

The base of all human relationships lies in the benefits the both sides have from the mutual cooperation. So the sooner you reveal that the better. Openly state that if the users subscribe they’ll get something from you, too, and you’ll see how they’ll be willing to click the button.

For example, if you’re a fashion blog, your subscription title can look like one of these:

  • Want to know what to wear this season and still look sexy? Subscribe now to find out!
  • Subscribe and get all the advice on what to wear on your first date!
  • Be the trendiest in town with our clothes’ suggestions. Subscribe to get them all!

I think you see my point. Titles like these are set to capture the reader at once and make them leave their email in exchange for what you offer. That’s why try to write them as exciting and curiosity-waking as possible.

How many apples are there in the basket

Basket with apples on the grass in the orchard

Imagine yourself holding a basket while a group of potential subscribers stands before you, trying to guess its contents. It could be either full of apples or completely empty. That’s the risk the subscribers face when deciding whether to leave their email on your blog. So make sure you break the uncertainty in the subscription title. How? It’s very easy. Think of how the quantity of something is measured and you have the answer. Numbers. Yes. Everything sounds more convincing and accurate when it contains numbers. It doesn’t cost you anything to openly tell the users how many apples aka benefits you have to offer them and with that lure them to subscribe.

As to not leave it only in words, let me illustrate the matter for you. In the fashion blog example, possible subscription titles would be:

  • 100+ fashion trends will be within your grasp if you subscribe!
  • Subscribe to unveil 500+ night gowns that’ll make you a princess of every party!
  • More than 2000 fashion images will be at your touch once you subscribe!

See? Revealing the number of apples in your basket can be quite a helpful thing.

Short is more!

Point a to point b concept is on blue paper with a red marker aside.

No matter the words you choose or the things you decide to reveal in the title, just keep it short and simple, will you? When people come to read your posts and the subscription box pops up, they surely don’t want to see long titles that take forever to read. Shrink your idea into less words and combine them to sound catchy and convincing. That’s all it takes to create the subscription title your readers will love. And plus, it’ll lead them faster to your purpose that is the word subscribe. The shorter and more concise it is, the more emails you’ll get.

For a little help on the matter, check out this tool.

Sound human!

Concentrated on work. Concentrated young beard man working on laptop while sitting at his working place in office

Obviously we’re all humans, but we don’t always sound like ones in the things we write. Your subscription title is counted among those things where, maybe not intentionally, you can sound robotic to other people. As if the title is written by an android like in those science-fiction movies and doesn’t hold the sincere intention of yours in it. Put a huge full stop to that! Write your subscription titles as natural as possible. Be yourself! Just think of it like you’re sitting in a café with the subscriber opposite of you and you ask them to subscribe. You surely won’t address them with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’.

Take a look at these two subscription titles:

  • I have so much to offer. Please subscribe to me.
  • New to my blog? Subscribe if you want to reveal more fashion trends for this season!

Clearly, the second one gives more insight of what your purpose is. See how it starts with a casual question just like a conversation over a cup of coffee. That’s exactly what you should give to your readers to make them leave their emails and subscribe to you.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you need a subscription button in the first place. Why do I have to bother myself with all of this, you may be questioning yourself. Well, my fellow, we’ve all been there and done that. To show you that subscriptions are essential I’ll use simple mathematical equations:

Subscriptions = People leaving emails
Their emails = Advertising place for your blog/site/business
Advertising = Success

So, yeah, you need those compelling subscription titles and you must confess that it wasn’t such a tough thing as you thought in the beginning, right? I’m sure after all of this, you have many titles floating around your head. After all, that’s the idea of these points. They should be your guide and example of how you should write subscription titles that’ll actually get you more emails and subscribers. Implement the advice in your own titles and witness your success blooming with all the new emails you’ll get. Happy writing!

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