How to Choose the Most Reliable Web Hosting for Your eCommerce Site

  • March 25, 2015

    client-341420_640Setting up an eCommerce site has become a standard for businesses to sell their products and services online.

    This not only helps businesses raise their revenue by reaching out to their target audience, but also provide customers a seamless web experience by placing their orders online without having to line up at a counter.

    For this to work, eCommerce sites need to use the best tools to run their online shop. There are many factors that businesses have to look into to launch a successful eCommerce site and one of them involves purchasing a reliable web hosting service.

    The performance of your eCommerce site will solely depend on your web hosting provider. It doesn’t matter if you have chosen the best blogging platform or CMS to set up your eCommerce site if your hosting isn’t up to par.

    While learning about the factors on how to choose your web hosting for your site can get technical, below are five factors made simple for you so you can properly decide which hosting service matches up with the quality you demand from your eCommerce site.

    Location of web hosting servers


    If you are torn from choosing among the best web hosting services online, consider where the servers of the hosting providers are located.

    The proximity between where your target audience accesses your website and the location of the servers that host your website is crucial in determining the performance of your eCommerce site.

    If the location of the servers that hosts your site is near your target audience, expect your eCommerce site to load faster on their browsers.

    If you’re unsure where majority of your target audience is located, then determine them now by creating a strategy which will serve as your foundation in developing your site.

    Ability to reach customer support

    It is guaranteed that you will encounter issues with your web hosting. A helpful customer support of a web hosting service will go a long way to not only help you with any experienced issues experience.

    If the support is unable to provide you the necessary help or not available at the moment, this will put your eCommerce site at a disadvantage. Instead of visiting your site to purchase products and services, they may deflect to your competitor sites and make their purchases from there because yours isn’t loading properly.

    Look for web hosting services that offer live customer chat 24/7 so you can expect that they will attend to your hosting problems whenever and wherever.

    Customer reviews


    You should include customer reviews when deliberating on which hosting services to go with for your eCommerce site. While hosting services may appear the same at face value, reading up user reviews will provide you better insights on how the hosting service operates.

    In reading reviews, keep a close eye on hosting experiences that started out terrible but were resolved by the service provider. This will give you a better idea on how the hosting provider dispels issues experienced by its customers. If the service was able to resolve the problem without a hitch, then consider it as one of your top choices for hosting your eCommerce site.

    Keep in mind that these reviews are subjective and are tempered with opinions and judgments that you may not share or believe in. Therefore, always be judicious when it comes to using reviews as reference in choosing your hosting.


    Ultimately, you choice will boil down on how much you are willing to spend for the web hosting service. It normally follows that more expensive hosting services offer a more robust web experience and cheaper ones won’t offer you the same privilege. Using the factors and criteria above, you can determine the best possible web hosting that’s right within your budget.

    Also consider the needs of your website, i.e. more traffic you receive everyday would require you to purchase a pricey hosting option that will accommodate thousands of daily visitors.

    Final thoughts: Choosing a web hosting service shouldn’t be difficult as long as you follow the criteria mentioned above. Use these as guidelines on how to determine the most appropriate web hosting provider for your eCommerce site.

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