How to Build Leads Before a Website Launch

You don’t need to have a completed website before you can start to build leads for your business. In fact, you can leverage your upcoming website launch to generate a buzz and create leads.

Starting your marketing activities before your launch is game-changing for two simple reasons:

  1. You’re not wasting time and opportunities
  2. Early lead generation activities will make your launch successful

Building your leads is vital for your business’s success since they form the pool from which you can draw in paying customers. You need to build a list of people who have opted-in for business communication so that you can target them with email marketing.

Even today, email marketing remains the most powerful digital marketing tool for conversions. Let’s look at ways you can build an email list and get leads before launching your website.

Leverage Social Media Tools

Social media platforms are where you can reach out to people while your website is under construction.

There are over 1.5 billion social media users today. Your audience is active on social media every day, giving you the chance to reach out to them. You have the opportunity for you to use social media tools to engage with them and build your lead-base.

Try social listening and sentiment analysis as helpful ways to build leads from social media.

Social listening is about keeping your ear to the ground to understand what’s happening and what’s in the news. Content and information are constantly changing and updating online. Use a social media management tool to track what people are saying about your business and the industry.

You’ll get helpful information about people who could become future leads. You can reach out to them with a personalized offer and information that builds a relationship. You can also understand how to create content that’s more effective in driving leads.

Create giveaway contests

A giveaway contest is a key way to build a positive rapport with your audience and to bump up your lead numbers.

Giveaways create emotions such as interest and excitement because people stand the chance to get something for free. You can make people feel rewarded for interacting with you. Giveaways are also a powerful way to get engagement on social media and boost your brand image.

Use giveaways to get leads by asking users to submit their emails to participate. You can send them information about the giveaway and use marketing communication to convert them into customers.

Creating a giveaway is easy with a helpful plugin if you have a WordPress site. You’ll be able to create a surge in leads over a short period of time and create a buzz around your launch.

Use a Coming Soon page

You can use your website to get leads even if it’s not finished. Set up a ‘Coming Soon’ page, a type of landing page, to stand in for your unfinished website.

You can use it to strategically promote your website launch and get leads. All you have to do is use a plugin, and you can create a Coming Soon page with images, text, and an optin form.
How to Build Leads Before a Website Launch

A coming soon page with an optin form

This type of landing page builds anticipation the same way a movie trailer does ahead of a release. People will be willing to sign up with their emails to get updates on your business. In this way, your lead generation efforts will center around your upcoming launch.

Build a membership site

People today seek real and authentic connections online. There is an overwhelming number of businesses on online platforms. Your audience also has to filter through a constant barrage of content.

It’s important to cut through such noise to win your audience’s trust and to build loyalty. A powerful way to do this is to create a membership site. A membership site will let you build an online community, a forum, or a place for exclusive content. It’s a way to give people a sense of exclusivity and importance.

Invite people to join your membership site to be a part of brand discussions. Offer them gated content for free and a way to communicate with their peers.

A membership site can offer people a compelling reason to sign up with you, giving you leads. Your members or your community can be a powerful asset that differentiates you from competitors. A vibrant membership site will offer social proof that wins even more people over to your brand.
How to Build Leads Before a Website Launch

Example of member-only content

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers have large followings on social media platforms, their blogs, and podcasts. They already have an avid following and their recommendations are highly valued by their audience. An influencer who’s willing to work with you can inspire people to explore your business. You can collaborate with an influencer to get more leads, traffic, or to hit other important goals.

When choosing an influencer, it’s essential to do research ahead of time. Look for the right person in your domain and ensure that their audience is relevant to you.

When creating content, it’s helpful to get insights from the influencer since they know their audience well. Work with them ahead of the launch to build up a following and to drive leads.

Create a blog

A blog lets you create conversational content that’s not a direct marketing and selling tool. Creating a blog can help you get leads by providing visitors with great content.

Create informative posts, answer questions in-depth and encourage people to comment. You can add optin forms for visitors so that they don’t miss your content.

A blog lets you update your audience with pertinent information. It’s a way to create excitement and to get your audience invested in the website launch. Create great content and use optin plugins to make it a source for leads on the way to your big launch.

Over to you

There’s no need for you to wait until your site is launched to carry out lead-generation activities. In fact, the sooner you start, the better.

With the help of the suggestions given here, you’ll be able to build an excited audience ahead of your launch date. Build a strong lead-base even before your website is up so that you can give your business that jumpstart it needs to reach success.

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