How to Build Brand Awareness With Mobile Video

  • by Melissa Duko January 11, 2016
    January 11, 2016

    How to Build Brand Awareness With Mobile Video

    Video often gets a bad rap for killing the radio star. However, video simply provides yet another platform for musicians to share their music. Now video is at it again, offering advertisers an exciting new way to share their brand on mobile devices.

    Instead of static ads, advertisers are using mobile video — in the form of quick soundbites and interactive ads — to increase engagement with smartphone users. Consumers are responding favorably: the engagement rate can be up to ten times higher.

    With every view, advertisers are building brand awareness amongst consumers. To maximize yours, follow these steps.

    1. Know Your Target Audience

    Video accounts for 52% of all mobile traffic, so advertisers would be remiss not to use it. However, before launching a video, consider the target audience (age, demo, gender) and the product you’re selling. Then create niche marketing videos that appeal to your audience.

    Take for instance, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ Hotline Bling campaign video ad. Even though it was a faux political video created by talk show host Ellen, Millennials still watch it. More importantly, they like it. The video works because it’s visually engaging, timely, and relevant.

    Drake is popular with Millennials, so they get Bernie’s video is a clever parody of Drake’s music video. However, if you tested this same video on a group of older Baby Boomers, odds are the reaction would be lukewarm.

    2. Create Interactive Content

    17% of viewers spend less than four seconds on a website, but those same viewers will spend 2.7 minutes watching a video online. Why? People don’t feel like reading, but they do enjoy watching.

    Maximize views by producing high quality content in the form of interactive and shoppable videos.

    Interactive Videos. Engage viewers with interactive video like Target does with its annual Halloween campaign. Using a “choose your own adventure” theme, the retailer immerses its viewers in a 360-degree interactive experience via a mobile YouTube app.

    Shoppable Videos. Take a cue from Kate Spade’s YouTube series #MissAdventure which combines storytelling with product demos. Invested viewers want to know what happens next, and keep coming back for the next installment. And it doesn’t hurt that you can shop the video, too!

    Kate Spade #MissAdventure
    Source: Digiday

    Consumers simply hover over the video, click on a product, and they’re taken directly to to complete their purchase. No more hunting for what the stars are wearing. Kate Spade does the legwork for you, and it’s resonating with viewers. So far their November video has more than 2 million views. Pretty impressive.

    3. Promote Across Multiple Channels

    Once you have quality content, promote your videos across multiple channels and platforms, including social media and mobile. As you leverage your content be sure to:

    Optimize Your Videos for Each Platform. With YouTube you can upload the video in its entirety whereas Instagram only lets you record up to 15-second snippets. Keep in mind the viewability for each medium, and edit your videos accordingly.

    Repurpose Your Videos. Videos contain fantastic images that be repurposed in infographics or slides. Take that content and share it on blogs and social media, further increasing your brand’s reach.

    4. Build an App

    Whether you love them or hate them, you have to give the Kardashians/Jenners credit: they’re the queens of social media. Now they’re expanding their brand awareness even more by sharing video on their personalized apps.

    Depending on the sister you follow, you’ll receive fashion, makeup, fitness, or lifestyle tutorials. And sometimes they even treat fans to live stream, as Kim recently did when she was ”cooking” with Caitlyn Jenner.

    Try keeping up with the Kardashians, and create an app where you can showcase original video to connect even more with your audience.


    Considering 1 in 10 mobile ads are video, it’s safe to say mobile video isn’t going anywhere. By providing entertaining, relevant content, you’ll keep consumers watching, and keep building your brand awareness with every view.

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