How to Build a Massive Email List With These 5 Tools

April 10, 2016

Email marketing is the bread and butter of all of your marketing campaigns. Why? Email is the most direct and personal form of communication that you can have with subscribers, leads, and customers. Email marketing platforms now have the necessary tools to segment subscribers and deliver relevant emails that drive results.

However, your emails are nothing without an email list to send them to. So who’s emails should you try to get? Your website visitors of course! These are people who most likely have interest in what you are selling and you have the opportunity to convert them into an email subscriber. Email capture on your website is so important and you must actively engage visitors to build your list.

Here are 5 different tools to drive email sign ups on your website:

Email Pop Ups


The most effective way to build your email list is with email pop ups. While you may be hesitant or skeptical about using pop ups on your site, there’s no denying the results. In this ecommerce case study, a retailer increased email capture by 660%.

But why do email pop ups work so well? Here are a few reasons:

  • Email pop ups place your sign up form in highly visible and accessible spots on your website. Don’t make visitors search your site for an email sign up form, put the form right in front of them!
  • An email pop up is a short sales pitch for your newsletter and your business. An attractive design, captivating copy, and even an offer drives email sign ups.
  • Actively engaging and asking a visitor to subscribe is going to increase email capture. As a consumer, when is the last time you’ve subscribed to a brand’s emails without being engaged? Smart marketers know that they must ask or call for action in order to receive.

Keep in mind that plenty of websites have bad email pop-ups. The best websites use custom branded designs and crafted marketing copy. Check out these effective email pop ups from ecommerce brands and also Really Good Pop Ups for inspiration!

Sign Up Bars


You can’t use a pop up on every single page of your website which is where a global sign up bar comes into play. A sign up bar can be placed at the top or bottom of the browser window, allowing you to display your messaging, offer, and sign up form in an unobtrusive manner throughout your website. This allows you to be open to lead conversion opportunities at all times. While email pop ups will capture more emails than a sign up bar, this gives you a more subtle way to engage visitors.

Slide-In Email Sign Up Form


Another effective email capture option is using a slide in email sign up form. This is essentially a small window that will slide into the browser. This tactic puts your sign up form in prime location on your site. You can also control when it appears based on page views, time spent on page, amount of page scrolled, and other behavioral triggers.

A slide in sign up box allows you to make an impression on visitors with both design and a marketing message. This tactic also gives you options as to where you place the sign up form on your site.

Navigation Call to Action


If you’re using landing pages for lead generation, then you need to direct traffic to those key pages. The truth of the matter is that a significant amount of traffic will never make it to those landing pages. You need to direct them to those pages. To achieve this, use a navigation call to action. This can be done with a pop up, sign up bar, or a slide in window so you have complete control over how you engage your visitors.

Exit Offers


People will leave your website without converting into an email subscriber. But in that very moment when someone decides to leave, you have one last opportunity. An exit offer or exit email pop up will be presented to visitors at the exact moment that they attempt to leave your website. This gives you one last chance at selling an individual on your newsletter and one last opportunity to capture their email.

Exit offers are incredibly effective, especially when the message is catered to a leaving visitor. Attaching some sort of incentive like a promo code or gated content can also create value and drive someone to submit an email.

Grow your email list today!

Building your email list is a critical aspect of improving marketing efforts and growing your business. By investing in converting your current website visitors, you will not only rapidly build your email list but also improve ROI of traffic driving campaigns and expand sales opportunities for your business. Implement email pop ups and sign up forms on your site today!

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