How Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Year-Round Holidays

May 20, 2016


If you’re like us, Mother’s Day snuck up on you this year. It’s not just about showing appreciation for mom—it’s a big business. In the last decade, Mother’s Day spending has nearly doubled to 21.5 billion, and only about 2.5 billion of that is spent on flowers each year. While sizable, that still leaves 19 billion in the mix for small businesses.

When you miss out on the smaller holidays, you’re waving goodbye to a big chunk of potential change. The good news is, Memorial Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner. Here’s how you can make the most of these and other holidays throughout the year.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

The sooner you remind your customers about a holiday, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Memorial Day isn’t like Christmas; the stores don’t play tunes or post countdowns months in advance. So why not bank on that? Start 4 to 6 weeks in advance and catch consumer attention before the rest. This can be as simple as a small sign at checkout, a push notification reminder through your mobile app, or a promotional email.

Take Advantage of Procrastination

Let’s face it—we’re not all responsible shoppers. Plenty of people put off planning until the last days and hours before a holiday. Slip last-minute deals into your digital marketing. Let people know right up till the end that you’re stocked up on everything they need to celebrate. If you’re one of the stores that can help these shoppers during the final minutes, you’ll reap the rewards.


Gift Cards Are Golden

Most business strategies involve gift cards these days. Not only are they lucrative, but they breed shopper loyalty. Yes, they can seem tacky if they’re not done right, but branding gift cards for the holiday are a nice touch.

Get the Word Out

Depending on your industry, people may not think of you for their holiday shopping. This is where the work you’ve done in the past can really pay off. If you’ve built a loyal social media following or have a newsletter database, take advantage. No matter the business, you can leverage these channels to bring shoppers in. Even if you don’t sell anything that seems Father’s Day-appropriate, throwing your name in the ring can lead to regular, off-holiday sales too. Post a simple, shareable message on Facebook and you’ll gain some attention, likely from new audiences.

Keep these tips in mind as holidays approach! Be authentic and creative, and you may be surprised by the results.

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