How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Help Your Business Grow

— February 26, 2018

Get More Exposure for Your Business with Facebook Messenger Bots

How Facebook Messenger Bots Can Help Your Business Grow

Would you like to experience more one-on-one communication with your leads and customers? Bots on Facebook Messenger are quickly becoming an effective tool for business, and can especially help attract more sales through direct payments and improved customer service.

This newer technology tool brings the prospects to you just by interacting and sharing valuable information and offers through personalized chat bots.

According to a study by Nielsen study commissioned from Facebook, 63 percent of business owners reported that messaging has been on the increase over the last couple of years. As a result their customers are getting a more positive result from their purchases and conversations.

People use Messenger to not only communicate with each other, but are now reaching out on a more personal level to connect with their favorite brands and influencers. Chat bots can allow for meaningful and helpful discussions that help build relationships because they can be configured to know how to respond to specific inquiries.

Because this type of interaction is based upon very focused parameters it is quickly becoming a must for any business in order to grow and reach more people who are not only using their mobile devices but voice search technology as well. In order to start taking advantage of this articificial intelligence tool it’s important to know how to utilize it properly so that responses are helpful and meaningful.

The benefits of using messaging bots for your brand include:

  • Connecting with your audience personally through conversations
  • Instant answers to commonly asked questions or issues
  • Providing a better understanding of who your customers are
  • Generating sales from purchases on Messenger

If you want to build your brand then using bots the right way is essential to your growth. Here are several ways your business can benefit:

Improves conversations

Because bots are intuitive, they allow you to discover the needs of your audience and provide more relevant information and products for them. Your business can create relationships through authentic communication tailored to each individual. Facebook’s Discover feature allows customers to see exactly which business they have interacted with, which reminds them to come back.

More visibility

Messenger is a great place to discover what people are interested in through their category search feature. These are organized by topic and are refreshed on a consistent basis. The more specific your topics the better results your business will experience when someone is doing a search.

Provides a custom experience

Once you have set up an AI bot for Messenger you can give your leads and customers a very specific set of parameters that makes their experience simple as well as eliminates the need to go to another website to accomplish a task such as making a purchase or finding the exact information that they need. For example, you can place a order right from a business without ever having to leave your messaging service.

Connects with a larger mobile audience

As chat bots become more popular the need to use another app will decrease making it much easier to attract the growing audience on mobile and voice search. The technology is still being perfected but has come a long way in even just one year, especially with the popularity of Amazon Alexa devices. This gives brands a chance to capture more sales in one simple step and place of origin.

Setting up your own chat bot on Facebook Messenger does not require expertise or technical skill when using the right tools such as ChatClub, ManyChat, ChatFuel, and more. Once you have it set up it will be easier to create more bots in the future. A few things to keep in mind when creating these are:

  • Make sure that it helps your audience, and does not annoy them
  • Allow your purchasers to have a seamless and pleasurable experience
  • Keep the menus simple and to a minimum
  • Leave an opportunity to connect with a real human in your organization

Facebook Messenger is about building relationships with your community in a personalized way. The technology should serve as a way to enhance your business or brand rather than move toward complete automation. The key is to make the user experience the best that it can be. Over time this people-driven marketing strategy will create more loyal customers who will be more apt to remember your business and recommend it to others.

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