How Blogging Can Help You to Source Work and Develop Your Career

by Laura Cole March 21, 2016
March 21, 2016

The job market is a changeable and complex place, and one that is filled with subtle nuances. Take the largely unheralded differences that exist between a CV and a resume, for example, as while these two entities are often confused as the same thing the former is actually longer, more detailed and inclusive of a complete employment and educational history.

Paying attention to seemingly small details such as this is crucial, as it may prove the difference between success and failure as you seek out new opportunities and look to develop your career.

At present, we are seeing a global job market that remains relatively buoyant; with U.S hiring rates rising in February while the unemployment rate fell to an eight-year low of 4.9%. This type of competitive market makes the intricate details of your job search even more important, as those in the hunt for work tend to be more engaged and eager to take advantage of new opportunities.

How Blogging can help you to find work and develop your career

In this respect, job seekers must leave no stone unturned if they are to achieve their career aspirations. More specifically, you need to think creatively and adopt an extremely creative approach if you are to steal a march on rival candidates and impress potential employers.

Blogging provides a relevant case in point, as this offers numerous benefits as you look to develop your professional network and improve your visibility as a candidate. There has also been a huge rise in the number of career-related blogs during the last decade, creating an opportunity for insightful and proactive voices that are presented well.

So how exactly can blogging help you to develop your career and how can you capitalize on this? Consider the following: –

Blog to become a smart networker and a thought leader

Regardless of your motivation for blogging, the aim of this exercise is always to create conversation and influence opinions. As a job seeker, you can use this to your advantage to achieve two specific goals.

Firstly, blogging provides a content platform from which you can network with prominent employers and experts within your industry. By researching relevant keywords and creating informative content that encourages interaction with these individuals, you can develop entry points into professional relationships and access potential job opportunities in the future. You may even have the opportunity to create guest content for relevant blogs within your niche, offering you access to an even wider audience and allowing you to extend your network further.

Secondary to this, blogging provides you with an opportunity to become an independent thought leader within your industry. While this is a concept usually associated with building trust between brands and customers, job seekers can also attempt this as a way of adding value to potential employers and sharing industry-specific knowledge that highlights their credentials.

Showcase a Portfolio of work

If you are familiar with the website development platform Strikingly, you will know that it is now possible to create a personal website in a matter of minutes. This platform has also evolved to incorporate simple blogging and social feed features, however, offering you an opportunity to publish regular content and share this across an integrated social profile.

So rather than simply creating an online resume or CV, why not conceive a personal website that includes an insightful and engaging blog? This not only serves as an online portfolio of your completed work or career achievements, but it also allows you to place these projects in context and provide regular reminders of your expertise, knowledge and ability to add value.

This combination of visual showcase and written blog is ideal for creatives in particular, especially who those who are looking to develop their careers and copywriters, visual artists or graphic designers. The fusion of words and graphical elements also makes your proposition more compelling, especially when you consider the logic which suggests that articles with rich-media get an estimated 94% more views than standard text pieces.

If nothing else, this will underline a proactive nature and enable potential employers to gain an accurate insight into your viability as a candidate.

Create a digital footprint and consistent personal brand

Blogging also helps you to capitalize on the trend for e-recruitment and virtual vetting, which is a process that starts whenever you apply for a job or reach out to an employer. Having a visible online blog draws recruiters and establishes a positive digital footprint, while also enabling you to offer relevant career information and provide practical examples of your expertise.

Going forward, this digital footprint can be expanded to create a personal brand that captures your core values as an individual. This is crucial in a competitive market, as employers are likely to process a larger number of applications for individual roles and may often be forced to make decisions based on personal attributes and the cultural dynamics of a firm.

By using your blog to share your personal aesthetics and innate philosophy as an employee (which should be published alongside cutting-edge industry commentary and insight), you can promote both your experience and your suitability as an individual.

Just keep in mind the importance of consistency, as your blog must continue to reflect core values even as the range of published topics diversifies.

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