How Are Conscious Business Practices Good For Your Wellbeing?

Anybody using conscious business practices knows that enhanced wellbeing is a natural by-product of living and breathing them. When your focus is not on your company’s bottom line, but is centred on providing solutions that will benefit your business, team, customers, local community, and the environment, a heightened level of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is achieved.

From a manager’s perspective, when you are transparent about your goals and achieve buy-in from all stakeholders, you’re one step closer to a smoothly run company. If your company values are crafted around selfless ways of being, having empathy for others and empowering all, you’ll find the workplace to be an uplifting environment where productivity and innovation are high. And regularly reiterating these values also helps to remind team members to consistently adhere to them. All of this goes some way toward improving the general health of the manager, as well as the team.

How Are Conscious Business Practices Good For Your Wellbeing?

In a conscious business, the working environment is crucial. Meetings become places where no answer is ridiculed; it’s a safe space for even the quietest team member to share concerns or ideas. Mistakes are seen as learning opportunities so they are actually welcomed. This mentality helps to create an empowered, energised and flexible environment which encourages great collaboration, allowing the team to do their best work… and when the team are able to do their best work, they feel good about themselves.

Managers also make a conscious effort to discover what motivates each individual team member and create plans to implement them. Growth is an important value for many people so having a system in place to support this will be beneficial in any company. Managers will therefore help employees to develop their skills or take on greater responsibility, as well as having a clear career development path for each role. Other options to motivate team members could range from a pay-rise or bonus to flexible working or the opportunity to give back in some way.

Community projects are good for the company, the team and the local community. This is why an increasing number of companies are putting in place schemes to help the local community. The tasks can greatly vary. Some companies have links to a local school so team members can volunteer there for a few hours a week. Others connect with the local council to help complete maintenance or renovation jobs in the area. Whatever the task, feel-good hormones will be released after a short period of time helping others, improving the mental and emotional health of the individual.

Within every company there will always be unexpected issues and disagreements, no matter how many conscious practices you have in place. It’s the way you deal with these challenges that matters. If you arrive at every situation ready to listen and understand the factors at play, then look for ways to benefit all parties in the solution, you’ll find things flow more easily.

Ultimately, conscious business practices lead to a company thinking in a people-centric manner which serves everyone involved. When there is always an eye on how to benefit or help others, you’ll enhance both your own mental and emotional wellbeing and that of those around you.

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