How a Virtual Assistant Can Make Your Customers Fall In Love With You All Over Again

  • February 10, 2015

    Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t at the top of your list of holidays to celebrate, your wife might feel differently about that.

    But Valentine’s Day is not just about celebrating your undying love for your spouse, you should also be thinking about your customers!

    I know what you are thinking.

    “But Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday about romance, chocolate bon-bons and roses!”

    That may very well be true but think about it. Valentine’s Day is great way to reflect on the relationships with the most important people in your life and show them a little love:

    • Aren’t your customer relationships important?
    • Don’t you want your customers to feel loved?
    • Don’t you want to keep your mother and your spouse happy?

    Of course you do but how do you get it all done?

    Your virtual assistant is your Ace-in-the-hole, that’s how.

    Here are 5 simple ways with plenty of examples on how a virtual assistant can make your wife and your customers feel appreciated and fall in love with you all over again.

    1- A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Remember Important Things

    You’re a busy person and when it comes to work, you have a million things to remember. Sometimes holidays, birthdays and special occasions like Valentine’s Day sneak up on you and before you know it you’re stuck in rush hour traffic hoping you make it to the florist before it closes.

    A virtual assistant can help you avoid that stressful last minute grief by putting timely reminders in your calendar to help you remember what needs to get done and when. Things like:

    • Make dinner reservations
    • Buying flowers
    • Sending clients a special valentines cards, email or gift
    • Calling your mom

    2- A Virtual Assistant Can Help Bring Your Ideas To Life

    Have a few ideas but no time to execute? Whether it’s for your mom, your wife or for a client, a great virtual assistant will turn your ideas into reality:

    • I would like to send my top clients a bottle of wine. Can you find a service that will ship some for under $ 25?
    • Can you look for a nice valentine’s e-card to send to all of our clients?
    • My wife loves seafood. Can you find me a couple of mid-range restaurant within 5 miles of my house that also have good reviews on trip-advisor?
    • I want to take my wife to San Diego for the weekend; can you find me a flight that leaves Friday night and returns Sunday before 5 pm?

    3- A Virtual Assistant Can Confirm Plans And Take Care Of All The Tedious Details For You

    Remembering dates and bringing your ideas to life is only part of the job. Now you need to finalize and confirm all the details which can be extremely time consuming. This is where your virtual assistant can truly shine:

    • Can you order and send those bottles of wine to my top 20 customers?
    • Can you send all of my clients that e-card by this Wednesday?
    • Can you call that seafood restaurant and get me a reservation for this Saturday.?
    • Can you book that flight and hotel for me and please set up a facial for my wife on Saturday morning?
    • Can you order a bouquet of flowers for my mum and have them delivered to her home on the 14th?

    4- A Virtual Assistant Can Clear Your Calendar So You Don’t Miss Special Dates

    If your virtual assistant is proactive, he or she will know when to clear certain dates, like valentines, birthdays and other holidays so you don’t accidentally schedule a conference call or meeting when you are supposed to be having dinner with your wife in San Francisco at Gary Danko’s.

    A Virtual Assistant Can Liberate You

    The most valuable thing your VA can give you is time and peace of mind. Don’t shy away from using your VA from doing a few personal tasks for you once in a while if it means you have more time to focus on your key business objectives

    so what can a va do for me

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