Hooded Optimization Techniques: Revamp Your SEO Strategy With 7 Steps to Perfection

  • March 4, 2015


    The global stage has moved ahead of the traditional SEO strategies. Whether you are looking for high-end techniques to boost up your website or enhance the site owing parameters within the pre-fabricated optimization norms, this write-up will certainly sever the needful.

    If using a sitemap worked for you and content is what was given precedence to, SEO has been rendered a face-lift with the title tags going for a global shift. This paradigm shifting metamorphosis comes with several step-pronged strategies which would certainly boost the SERPs but at a slower tick. Here we enumerate 7 under the hood utilities which are bankable yet attract a lot of effort, on being implemented.

    • Site Security

    As per the latest news, Site security has been tipped as the latest ranking metric. HTTPs were postulated as a ranking determinant although the landscape emphasis was pretty marginal to begin with. For most SEOs, site encryption looks a sacred alternative for boosting the ranks in the long run. Secured sites open up easily without posting security certificates on the go. The inclusion of http:// indicates a site’s fate, positively determining the bounce-rates, click-throughs and even the dwell timings.

    • Videos and Images: Above the Fold with Full Optimization

    If videos were considered engaging, think again. Now turn up the heat with those images and even videos, actively involved towards improving the dwelling SERPs. Pages with images are opened pretty frequently and the Bounce rates are also on the lower side, as per reports. Again, the images need to be optimized for websites by following some of the pertinent strategies like:

    1. The resolution is important and one must look to upload smaller files for improving the page loading factor.
    2. Alt Text needs to be added along.
    3. Images need to be added titles, preferably with Keywords included.
    4. Quality matters in case of images
    5. Make way for the supporting Schema

    Videos can be integrated in a similar manner.

    • Image Sitemap: The New Smart

    HTML sitemap is a thing of the past and the XML sitemap is now a passé. Images if ascertained into sitemaps will boost the rankings, under Google’s Image searching algorithm. The process is pretty straightforward as the user needs to pair up the images with some added info, pasted alongside the existing XML sitemap. Tag definitions like <image: license>, <image: image> etc. are to be added for optimizing the sitemap better, as per traffic and rankings.

    • Reviewing the Link Profile: Regularly

    Link profile shelters the driving force which actually powers the website. One needs to showcase control for keeping the negative SEO techniques are bay with the following tips and tricks:

    1. Monitor the link profile with Google Webmaster application, keeping a track of the bankable and even the grayer links.
    2. Spammy linkages need to be broken ASAP besides keeping low authority options at bay.
    3. One must readily submit the disavow file for moving beyond the Spammy linkages.

    • Keyword-specific URLs

    The newest trend is pointing towards the URLs with the targeted queries satiated. This happens to be different than the ‘Exact Match Domains’ which still falls under the Black-Hat category for SEO. Not just the home page, one might targeted a specific URL for angling in the long-tailed ones.

    • Using the Target Keywords with Intent and ‘Care’

    Keywords are powerful tools and adding them scantily for a content of two might not be the most imaginative step. The entire site must be optimized for keywords, without stuffing for sure. Checking for the same across the site is now easy with:

    1. Initiating the inurl: search, for domains and selected keywords.
    2. Look into the provided results.
    3. Compare the same with trending competitors and make the changes accordingly.

    • Optimized Social Profiles

    Knowledge graph for a search engine is actually pretty believable. For the start-ups however, social profiles need to be created and optimized for best results. Refining the KG settings is one step towards glory.

    • Garnishing with Schema

    The Searchmetrics search yielded an interesting observation, overly inclined towards the Schema Markups. Surveys however suggest that only 0.3 percent of the websites are actually integrating Schema into the mix and being an under the hood strategy, the numbers are bound to increase in days to come. The Structured Data Markup Helper lends a helping hand towards learning Schema.

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