How To Have a Successful Exhibition [Infographic]

March 6, 2016

Exhibitions give you the perfect opportunity to start conversations with prospects and drive new business. However, you’re not guaranteed lead generation success by simply turning up.

Once you’ve decided to exhibit, and usually paid for the privilege, the hard work really begins. For starters, this means organising transport, accommodation and a stand. But how can you ensure that you will get footfall at your stand? And that this footfall will include the type of people you want to target?

Many exhibitors choose to send a mass email to their existing contact list, with information about where their stand can be found at the exhibition. Although this is good practice, as some of your existing contacts may be planning to attend, there’s actually so much more that can be done in terms of pre-event outreach. Through online research with the right tools, it’s possible to identify other exhibition attendees, gather data on those who are your target prospects and reach out to them in advance.

Pre-event planning is not the only thing that’s needed for lead generation success. To build a strong ROI from every exhibition your company has invested time and money in attending, post-event follow up is essential. After all, you don’t want the hard work that you put in before and during the exhibition to go to waste, but it can very easily happen. Two post-event ‘musts’ are to make sure that all of the new data you’ve collected is stored somewhere suitable, such as a CRM system, and also that a lead nurturing system is in place and clearly understood by your sales and marketing teams.

We’ve put together an infographic, which you can see below, with our top tips on what to do before, during and after an exhibition to generate as many new leads as possible.

BOE Infographic - How To Have A Successful Exhibition - B2C

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